Need help for upcoming training

I have to train my 3 Specialized teams very soon and I want to have my ducks all in a row.

I am training Decon, Survey, and Recon CBRN teams.

For some reason I have to train them all at the same time. I have a high speed PV2 that works with me so we can split it up. All my radiacs are in reset. I want to know how I can make this happen.

My basic idea is to give them an overview of the concept of the CBRN teams and and introduction to some of the equipment they are going to be using and to actually have them try on the JSLIST and use a few M256 kits and M8 Paper in situational exercises.

But I can get more detailed when I start to get one team at a time and also get all my equipment out.

I wanted to make a little pamplet/notebook for the students to look thru while in the class can anybody help me out. I want to look good during this class to show that I am leadership potential. Maybe I can see my way to CPL one day as I wait on finishing my college classes. Any help is appreciated.

Once again I have all 3 teams personel totalling 21 people 1 NCO 3 E4P's and the rest E4 and below. I want to give them alot of hands on training and information that they will be able to remember for when we start to get more indepth,
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