need help going into the IRR

I have been in the army reserves for 6 years exactly. I'm ready and eligible to go into the irr. My commander isn't fond of me and will not allow me to go into the irr. Is this legal? What are my options? I'm also 4 months pregnant and have never been in trouble or received any U's. Help please.
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He has to. He does not have the right to hold you. You can't be forced to go to drill when your six years is up. Look at your ERB for your end of service date. I am active duty, Do you think when my contract is up, my Commander can keep me in? Stop loss is long over.

Call your IG rep and engage your NCOs. This is not a hard solution whatsoever.
1. Go see your career counsellor.

2. Reread the service obligation portion of the "Service obligation and methods of fulfilment" document (Annex A) and look for text that says the 6 year obligation begins on the day you ship to basic.

We did such contracts from 2005-2007 and in many cases miscalculated TPU ETS dates.

3. You command has no choice but to process and approve your request for transfer to the IRR to be effective on the completion of your TPU obligation. If your request is being denied, employ normal leadership channels and your career counsellor.

The process should begin ideally 3 months prior to the contract expiration. 1 month would be about par for the time to process the packet and publish the orders.

4. Only reassignment orders can put you in the IRR. Until the effective date of those orders, you are assigned to your unit and must participate as they direct.

If you stop showing up, you may be assessed as an unsat, reduced in grade, discharged in a less desirable category, and incur a debt to the government from SGLI.

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