I was assigned to 160th Sig BD in Kuwait in 16 FEB 2009, then was diverted to 25th Sig BN in Qatar. days after my arrived in Qatar, I was TCS to Bagram, Afghanistan. I was told different story about what awards that i would get. Can anyone help me out to verify all the awards that is on my ERB?


do they look right for one deployment? Thank you for all the respond in advance.
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I was almost the same boat, but I spent a little over 30days in Kuwait, then summer in Iraq, THEN moved to Qatar enroute to Afghan. (Kabul)

What's AFEM?

I BELIEVE they're correct except
-You're only authorized GWTEM if you spent 30+days in Middle-East area in NON-Afghan service. (You can't piggyback the GWTEM and the ACM for the same time served.)
-The unit should have given you paperwork for the NATO medal. (I got a certificate from NATO, it's even on European "too long to fit in my loveme book" paper. Smiler )
OH and actually, I wonder about the OSR. I don't know if you should have that in conjunction with the other "tour" ribbons.

(I was in Germany for a long tour, then PCSd stateside, then went to the Kuwait/Iraq/Afghan thing... I need to find out if I wear a "2" or not.. )
AFEM = Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

NDSM - everyone has one.
AFEM - I'm pretty sure they stopped handing this out, you may want to check it out. Pretty sure you aren't supposed to have that.
ACM-CS - Your tour in Afghanistan rates you one of these with one star
GWOTEM - Depending on how long you spent in Kuwait and Qatar(if you were assigned there, not waiting to go to Iraq or something) you should rate this medal, check on the tour lengths though, to make sure you are gtg.
GWOTSM - You rate this also
ASR - everyone has one of course
NATOMDL - for your Afghanistan tour also

Everything looks legit to me except the AFEM.
erik is right. The AFEM isn't authorized right now. If you look in AR 600-8-22 it will lay out all the Operations that is authorized the AFEM. I would post the table here but it's not working right. But here is the link AR 600-8-22. The section covering the AFEM starts on page 25 with the tables on 26 and 27.

The other ones look pretty straight.

As far as the OSR, they put out a info paper on the HRC website that answers some pretty common questions about some awards. Depending on the situation and what not you can be awarded the OSR with "tour" awards such as the ICM and ACM. Here is the link to that page HRC. Once the page opens up go to the Frequently Asked Questions section and in there you'll find the OSR page along with others.
The AFEM ceased to be issued on Sept 11th when ICM/ACM was dackdated as the official issue date. I previously deployed and recieved the AFEM back in 1998, 1999 and 2000. When I deployed in 2002 we were issued the AFEM then had it pulled and was given the GWOTEX instead. On my following deployment, I recieved the ICM in lieu of the GWOTEX due to being in theater before. Others on their first deployment recieved the GWOTEX. Guess it just depends on who inprocesses your file in Kuwait.
As far as the OSR, follow Infantry4life lead with 600-8-22. everything looks legit. Just my two cents tho.

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