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Need help with filing a DA 4187. My wife is a 68W and wants to go to Y6 "CARDIOVASCULAR SPECIALTY" school, unfortionatly my NCO channel nor hers know how to fill out the DA4187 properly. Does any one know how to properly fill one and or help in any way with this process?
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Why are you putting in a 4187? Go to your schools NCO and send up a request. next class date is 15 DEC. If he doesn't know how, have him call 210-808-0821 or 210-808-0896 at BAMC to see if there is any seats that are available.
Your reenlistment shop is the first stop. The next class is actually in January, the 9th I beleive.

The course is closer to 14 months as well. Five months in San Antonio, then about nine at another post.

Great job, hurry though, going to be tougher to get into soon, only 10 Army slots for all of next year.

Good luck

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