Need P2 schooling up pls

NCOs, need some schooling up please. I've been out of the loop due to being in Germany, OEF, shutting a base down in Germany, and now back in AIT for ASI for the past 4 months.
My future Soldier that is in class with me has a P2 profile for no sit-ups for a bad back and no running for knee problems. He does the walk for the APFT and says he can wear a FLAK vest if needed. He just came from Korea. We did an obstacle course yesterday and he skipped every single one. This is a SGT and I'm getting a horrible vibe. He has over 13 years in and just got promoted October, 2013. Has an excuse for everything.
Before I left 3rd ID a few years ago, PA's were tracking down ALL permanent profiles and you were either in or your out.

Where does the Army stand on Permanent Profiles now?
Thought and comments on this NCO?
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I know this was an NCO call but since I am a former NCO who received a P2, I have yet to see a PA track me down because of it.

Commander's track the Soldiers who have profiles and the Soldier needs to follow what the profile specifies.

Mine was renewed last year and I have met peers that have profiles for not taking the push-up and sit-up events and are walkers. If it not a P3 that goes to a med board; then the Soldier is able to remain and is able to move up accordingly. Your 1SG and CSM should be able to mentor you on current guidance.

I have no thoughts on this NCO because I do not know him nor would not judge him. If the Army feels that leaders who have profiles cannot adequately lead from the front, then it up to the brass to address this matter.
Wisechief, once an NCO, always an NCO. So I don't mind.
Thank you for the reply. So looks like a P2 is not a career ender as long as they are meeting the regs. I'm sure I'll get more info once I report to my unit, but I wanted to see what is actually going on out in other units with situations like this.
Anyone else is welcome to chime in on similar situations.
As a medical NCO I am well experianced on P2's. I worked as a Warrior Transition NCO for awhile. P2's means that the soldier can not do certian tasks but can meet deployment elgibility. However if the profile does not state a task you are trying to have him do then that is to the judgement of his superior. For instance, if the profile states no climbing, lifting, jumping. Then he probably shouldn't do many obstacles. Also you can always ask your unit PA and Commander to do a review on the soldiers status to make sure he is still deployable and deserves a P2 instead of a P3 (non-deployable) and be started for a med board.

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