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My husband is in the Army, and we are currently stationed at Ft. Jackson, SC. I just saw an Allergist, and the doctor did some tests. The tests results showed I am allergic to all the trees pollen, all the weed pollen, all the grass pollen causing me to have chronic hives and anaphylactic shock episodes. I am originally from Arizona, and never had these issues. I was wondering if it could be possible, and eligible to request a Compassionate Reassignment to somewhere like Ft. Carson, CO?
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Nope. Never seen it happen. Same thing happened to me and my wife. Neither of us had allergies in New Jersey, PCS'd to Kansas, allergies go crazy. Just something that will not cause a reassignment unless the allergies are literally threatening your life.
+1 on what ggxarmy said.

I knew a Soldier at Fort Hood with the same issue, his wife had severe seasonal allergies. He enrolled his wife in EFMP, they gave her some Benadryl and they stayed at Fort Hood for four more years.

I also have a Soldier here in Germany with Severe Seasonal Allergies, This Soldier has even been hospitalized due to these allergies. In response, the Army gave her some Epi-Pens (in case of the anaphylactic shock)and a straw so she could suck it up.

I recommend you read AR 614-200. Specifically Section III
You should have your husband have you enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program, if your condition qualifies. That will ensure that you are only stationed in places where you can receive necessary medical care. I do not know if allergies qualifies you, however I do know a guy who's son's eczema was aggravated by the climate at Carson and they re-stationed him at Hawaii. That's the route I would go; there should be an EFMP office at your base hospital or treatment facility. They should be able to tell you if your condition qualifies. Even then, I think the condition will only affect future assignments. Good luck.
If we are talking about a certain climate, there is possibility to be station only on some particular bases. But now we are talking about everything is green (plants), so the only option i see is...Antartica!!! (even Alaska has trees and plants, at least in the summer, lol)
Same goes. Wife never had allergies. Got to Knox in Ohio Valley and went crazy with allergies. And deathly allergic to bees. Kids too. As long as proper medical care is avail you more than likely wont go anywhere. If it is severe enough you may get to be placed on EFMP. that can be a double edged sword so be careful. We're at Drum now. So do the math lol. Good luck to ya!

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