Need to prepare physically for Basic any tips?

I leave for basic in about 3 months. I'm really trying to get into better shape than I already am because from what I've been told it'll make the physically aspect of basic easier.So I've devised a plan for myself.
I'm planning on eating 1300 to 1400 calories a day to lose a few extra pounds. I'm also planning to workout 2 hours a day/6 days a week cardio and some weights to build up my endurance.
My question is basically is 3 months enough time to get in shape?
I need to increase my push-ups, and decrease my run time but I'm stuck on how to do that?
Any other tips or advice anyone else can give me would be appreciated
Thank you
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Congrats on the enlistment!

First of all, don't try to kill yourself! You will have plenty of time for that at Basic. Wink If you exercise start off slow and build up.

3 months is Plenty of time! Anything you can do- running, walking, any cardio, plus any crunches or situps or pushups- will help get you into shape. You'll still feel the pain of Basic, but yes it will be easier.

There are plenty of magazines or programs online, look for "100 pushups" or all the different plans to run a 5k or 10k.. The Physical Fitness tests in the Army are pushups, situps, and 2mile run, but don't limit yourself to just those.

Others will have good links or better advice- Good luck though!
Don't overdo it, if your not used to working out that much, then it might be too much stress for your body and you could cause injuries to yourself before or during basic/AIT. in essence the best way to get your run time down is to do what we call fartlek training. When you run, set up distances along your run to sprint then jog again and do it for two miles. Sprint say 100 meters then jog 200 meters, and build up to longer distances of sprinting then less time jogging.

push ups and sit ups, when you watch TV during commercial breaks do push-ups and sit ups. its pretty effective, I do it usually before PT Test times.

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