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I am thinking of enlisting, but am intimidated of the physical demands that are required for basic training. I am physically in-shape and go to the gym regularly but am only accustom to the stairmaster and weight machines. I have never been a runner & can barely run around the block at this point (please dont laugh)& need to start a program to prepare myself. I also can do 1 push up total. Seriously, I need a plan. I am capable just need guidance. Any advice?Thanks, Allison
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With pushups the best way to improve on them is to do pushups. That might sound kind of stupid but if you are truly going to the gym now and using weights then it is just a matter of teaching your muscles how to do a push up. If you need start out by doing pushups from your knees. Then work your way to doing regular pushups. As far as running is concerned it is something that is learned. Anyone can run for a minute or 2 but it takes talent and practice to know how to pace yourself to be able to run distances. Here are a couple of links to websites of people that range in experienc in running from world class marathoners to people just like yourself. The experienced runners are always helpful and will give you a couple links of workout plans to help you get started.
Now that first link if you do a search the have a program that is designed to help people prepare to run a 5K race in I think 5 weeks. It is geared for people that have never ran before. A 5K race is 3.1 miles which is over a mile longer than you have to run for your final test in basic training. If your biggest fear about enlisting then take from a recruiter. Do not worry about it and let your local recruiter help you get ready as well. It is our job to get you prepared for basic. Good luck and congrtulations on deciding to join the best Army in the world.
honestly, you are in enough shape to start Basic, they will do the rest. When I first joined, I was not even in shape ... I had never done any kind of exercise, and couldn't even run around half a block without stopping to rest.

(btw, my last PT run was 14:30, a personal best)

and like Dreamstalker said, the best way to get better at pushups is to do pushups, just like the best way to improve sit ups is doing situps; it's called muscle memory.
I have a question, as some of you know I am trying to get nback in shape for the NG. I got out of active duty a little over a year ago and I slacked off :shock: Red Faceops: that's right i slacked off cam you imagine :shock: I looked at the running sites listed in this thread but I need something even more basic as far as plans. Can you guys help me out?
The running plan for beginner's progresses along these lines (running alternating days):

Week 1 - run 30 sec, walk 4 min 30 sec. (do 7-8 times)
Week 2 - run 1 min, walk 4 min (do 8-9 times)
Week 3 - run 1 min 30 sec, walk 3 min 30 sec. (do 8-10 times)
Week 4 - run 2 min, walk 3 min (do 9-11 times)
Week 5 - run 2 min 30 sec, walk 2 min 30 sec (do 10-12 times)

They keep adding more run time mixed with less walking time, until you are finally only running. This has been working out well for someone like me that has had difficulty running...
I will like to Thnk You first for having the courage to join the army and for your ditermination to improve .The best way to improve your PUSH UPS and SIT UPS is doing pyramids. example ( sart off with one push up rest for 30 sec. and do 2 push up up to 7 then go back down. Do this a week and add sets for your next week. This will develope muscle memory. Do the same for your sit ups.
.Now for the run, go to your nearest track and ran one lap as fast as you can and time your self.Rest and jog for one lap also time your self. Do this until you have completed 2 miles. keep a track time for all laps. give a day of break and do the same again and soon you will notice your time to drop. I have used this with my soldiers and its proven to work. And good luck
If I were you, I would try to find a local running store, or even go to a local high school's cross country/track coach and they will be able to help you create a workout plan that will fit specifically for you. Some people can start out running for the first time and not have much trouble with 4-5 miles while others aren't the same. But if anything,make sure you start out easy and slowly build up.
Just continue with push-ups on a daily basis. Try to do 5 good ones today. 6 tomorrow and so on. Also, upper body exercises will help you improve on upper-body strength.

With cardio; just run, run and run. Obviously do it moderately without injury put persistence is the key.
Originally posted by noellea:
Im enlisting. I play softball and workout on a daily basis, but honesly i cant do a push up. all my power is in my legs. what can i do to get ready for the push up/ cardio work outs?

Really the best thing to do is do them. If you are able to, do them multiple times throughout your day or at the very minimum at night before you get ready to go to bed. For start try 1 to 5 push-ups every hour or however many times you can during the day then do as many as you can before going to bed. This last one of the day should go until you physically cannot do anymore/have trouble getting up from the floor.

Same thing for sit-ups/curls and pull-ups. As you get better, increase your repetitions to 10-20-30 etc. depending on how you are doing with each 'event'.

Don't forget a 2-mile run even if you are good at short distances. Control your breathing and go the distance. Get good at that? Go 4-6 miles, do sprints and run hills to improve this highly cardiovascular event. You get what you put into training.

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