Needing BlueForce Tracker Training Guide

Hello, my unit has tasked me to do some training for BlueForce Tracker.

I've never heard or seen this before so I turned to Google to try to find some sort of training guide. I'm searching under the term FBCB2.

I've found a few sites:

This one times out all of the time:

Along with this one:

And this one too...

Can anyone make any recommendations on how to find some sort of training document or slides on this?

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Here's my question to you, is the class on FBCB2, or Blue Force Tracking technology??

FBCB2 is a type of Blue Force Tracking, it's like saying MaxxPro is a Type of MRAP, is the class on MRAP's in general or is the class on specifically MAXXPRO?

If the class is on BFT Technology just use Wiki to learn the concepts and explain them to whoever you are teaching along with more informative examples from that website you posted that loaded for me ->

Now, if your class is supposed to be on FBCB2:

If your near a major base there is a class your S3 can send you to for FBCB2, it's like 40-80 hours and it will 'cert' you on teaching everything but administration, there's a seperate class for that.

If your unable to attend that class or talk to someone who has, I'd suggest you explain to capabilities for the FBCB2 if they are on that site you posted. Explain the concept of why we use it and why it was developed and what platforms it is used on and for what unit size. BDE and Below, maintenence, how to destroy in case of emergency, ect.

Other then that, I wouldn't expect anyone that hasn't put hands on one to teach everyone else how to use it, that's just ridiculous, but not uncommon.

It's really not difficult to learn, anyone computer savvy can learn the functions in an hour.
Depending on when you need the information by and if you cannot find anything through the other channels listed by the others. I could mail you a couple handbooks that I have from a class I took years ago. One of them I think would be exactly what you are looking for, the "Techniques and Procedures Handbook". The other one is the "Operator's Pocket Guide" as well as a set of 3 CD's that have some training and instructions on them.

I also have some phone numbers from the books that you might be able to request some materials from.

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