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Im just looking for a little advice to help me through basic,I know its gonna be rough..But at the same time rewarding. Im worried that Im not in the best physical condition,yet I do mma training which helps with cardio.I just dont want to be the guy that messes it up for everyone else.I Really have my mind set on doing this and Ive never wanted something so bad in my life.Ive heard that if you just do your best youll be fine,But it doesnt ease my nervousness.Im just looking for some words of wisdom,Pointers,Or anything at this point.
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The hardest part about basic training is getting along with the fellow recruits.

So like everything in life
-treat others how you'd LIKE to be treated
-if it's rude don't say it
-no one likes a know-it-all

If you're already working on the cardio you'll be fine physically. It will hurt no matter what, just remember that all the SUCK is just making you stronger.

Think about WHY the Drill SGTs want you to do things. (to yourself. Just do what they tell you without asking why.)
As a Recruiter, I have seen several people leave for BCT and be successful. I have also seen some come back. Here are my tips:

Do your best to keep your motivation high at all times.
It's going to be hard. It is supposed to be challenging. Just keep in mind why you enlisted and remember that you will get through the hard times by staying motivated.

It isn't personal.
The Drill Sergeants are Professionals. They are selected based upon their ability to turn citizens into Soldiers. That is the mission of a Drill Sergeant. So if you get fussed at by a Drill Sergeant, it is only to train you to be a Soldier.

Make Friends.
Don't worry, you will. Friends who are going through this with you will make it easier to get through the stress. Friends will also be able to help you with the things you are weak on, as you will then with the areas they need help in.

There is a reason for everything you do.
Keep in mind you may not know the reason at the time, but there is a reason, so do what you are asked and stay motivated.

You will be doing something different from any experience you have ever had in your life. Look for the fun parts.

Good luck.
I think that everyone is nervous when they leave for basic. You never really know what to expect.

You've been given good advice.

Another thing I would say is use the time you have left to prepare as well as you can. Don't let basic be the first time you've done push-ups or run a mile in the last 5 years. (my mistake) They will get you there physically, but you'll at least save yourself a little bit of pain and that makes everything else easier.

You can go there and literally know nothing. They teach you everything they want you to know.

Like someone else said, have fun! I think Basic was fun, I learned a lot and got to do a ton of new things.

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