New 153A Packet questions....

I was wanting some info on putting in my 153A packet. I only have 11 months left in the Army. My current MOS is 25F. I am a Corporal. My ETS is 12 JUNE 09. I cannot reenlist due to my mos being overstrength on E4's.

1.What are my chances of getting my packet picked up on the first board?

2. Will I have to do the flight physical and flight aptitude test BEFORE I submit my packet?

3. How difficult is this SERE-C training and the ditch and dunk?

4. What pay grade will I be during all my training?

5. After completing all my training, where should I look forward to being stationed?

6. If I am in MEDIOCRE shape, will that be a big impact on my ability to complete the necessary training? I have never been real big on PT. Just usually do enough to pass my PT tests.

Sorry about all the questions, I just want to get some info to keep my mind busy while I think this through.
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