I know they briefed the winner of the Camo contest to the big bosses. Has anyone heard anything besides the fictional BS powerpoint from a few months back stating that the US4CES pattern won the contract? I myself am quite partial to the Kryptek pattern.
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Read it at Soldiersystems.com and Armytimes posted a month or two ago that they were going to brief it at the end of FEB. I understand the budget issues but the only big bump in money would be whatever transitional pattern they decide to do the gear in. As far as making uniforms all they do is change the fabric at the current manufacture.
The latest talk trend about the new uniform is located here


Supposedly a decision has been made. I saw Gen Odierno a few days ago and was tempted to ask him but the brief was on something else.

The rumor is a digital version of multicam with Marine Corps desert/woodland as bookends but on the SSD site, it gives the impression that the US Army finally made an agreement with Crye on the regular Multicam pattern.

Hopefully a decision will be announced by the Army's birthday.
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