FORSCOM Regulation 217-5, 1996, The SGT Audie Murphy Club has been replaced with FORSCOM Regulation 600-80, 2007, The SGT Audie Murphy Award.

The current TRADOC Regulation 600-14, 1999, The SGT Audie Murphy Club is still in effect. Change 1, 2005, updates the reg.

If I can be of assistance to any of you, please let me know.

SSG, USA, Retired
Member, SGT Audie Murphy Club-1994
Co-Founder, Fort Sill SGT Audie Murphy Club-1998
President, Audie Murphy National Fan Club-2002 to Present
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I suggest you never post your e-mail address on the public internet. Spammers get access to it and that is how phishing attacks can work on our DoD networks.

I state that because your post leads to your facebook page from here

Also, this thread is five years old and most likely the oldsarge has no longer posted on this website.

I suggest you look here and post your question there or...

and access the link on a government computer.

Another wise thing to do will be to engage a Audie Murphy chapter at your installation for up to date information.
I'm at JBLM, WA and the regulation they show on the MOI is FORSCOM 600-80-1 2 APR 2015. Is there such thing? or is it a typo and they really meant the new FORSCOM Reg 600-80, 2007. I you have either of these pubs, can you direct me on how I can download its pdf version? Thanks.

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