Stretch them out good. This is where you set the tone for the whole session by how confindent you are transitioning through the motions. Be in charge SGT! When its over, cool them down.

For your first time out, try a circle formation :
( After the stretching, assemble to the right, march. Tap the first person, in the first rank and say " circle formation FOLLOW ME. Everybody should follow you, and you run into a big circle. While they run, you get in the center and run the opposite direction. Let them space out, Quick time march, Mark time, Halt. Center face.)

Now from here since this is your debut go in a circle and let each person give a MS exercise.

Too easy.

When its over, have them fall in on you, cool down, go home.


NCOs...anything to add for our battle buddy on his debut?

Hooah, you'll be fine.
Originally posted by sgtkimbell:
I'm a new NCO as of OCT 1 and wont be attending PLDC(WLC) until NOV 14. So my question is can someone help me out with my PT session exceptionally with MS. Meaning how many push ups and sit ups and wide arm push, etc. Because i'm trying trying to look ate up next week..can someone help?

SGT Kimbell

Read FM 21-20...know how to extend the formation and close it back up...we just had a SGT conduct PT today and he was ate up, couldnt extend it right, could not name the stretch exercises, gave us "30 seconds" to do additional stretching, and could not close the formation back up. Good luck and have your NCOIC help you out or another NCO you trust and can seek for guidance, its only so much help you can get from online advices.
One thing they made sure I do in WLC is a RISK ASSESSMENT before the PT session. Also, do not forget to state your name and what the PT session will entail.

Ensure you say "Ready, Stretch" Do not include the "and". Points will be taken away.

Ensure you get your Warm Up rotations.. Neck, arms/shoulders, etc... I did 5 stretches (mainly legs, we had to run) and 3 exercises. You can do more i believe. We had a large group so they made us get this done quickly. which is not good. Go over this with a battle buddy.

After you have them Fall In on you. Ensure you get some Improvement/Sustains from the group.

I do not know if they still do that but if they do then I am sure you will be ready for it.

I learned the day before I went to WLC and I sucked a little but made it through. No worries...if you doubt yourself make sure you ask questions. You may be helping someone else out. You will have battle buddies that can help you out and will help you. Everyone is trying to make it thru!

GOOD LUCK! Welcome to the Corps!
I was going over 21-20 and could not find the exact area that covers the commands for giving PT. I was told to say "Ready, Stretch". I also realize that different units say things different from others, and I was tring to find out which way is right. Please notify me of where I am supposed to look. Thanks.
Are you going to school?
-They'll teach you the "right" way they want you to do it.

There really isn't anything formal in writing about PT, except for how to do a rectangular and circular formation. The rest is made up. Smiler

If you're practicing to conduct PT at the unit, "ready stretch" works fine.
And DON'T say "The Next _________ is...."
Just name the exercise.

NCO- The thigh stretch!
("the thigh stretch!")

NCO- Ready, Stretch! One thousand!

NCO- Relax!
NCO- The hamstring stretch standing!
("The hamstring stretch standing!")

NCO- Ready, Stretch! One thousand!

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