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This is more complaining than anything, but I have to know. Who actually thought we should go to this ridiculous uniform? I mean seriously. According to an article, over 190,000 soldiers were surveyed (not this one) and this is the choice that was made.

So just so I understand this, we are so concerned with visibility that we wear reflective belts for everything even the uniforms that are designed to be reflective, but go with an all back uniform?

Next what happens when you are outside in the sun whether afternoon or morning? I feel bad for those in hot climates because they are really going to be cooking. I mean seriously are we having another ACU relapse and did we need another uniform?
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Mr. Utley,

I agree with you. When the voting first came out the options were awful in the first place. They had a yellow t-shirt with black letter option which resembled the Navy PT uniform and for the record, I did not choose the one that is now being implemented.

Personally, I am going to remain with the Grey and Black until the wear-out date but when it comes to ACU, ASU, and PT uniform decision, why are these awful decisions being made?

We should of went to a Class A uniform that resembled our WWII battles not the Civil War color and used our Dress Blues for formal occasions.

Yes, we are moving to multicam; oops OCP (hurry please!!) but we could of went to a real good camo like the Marines have or Navy AOR or with the US Forces camo by Hyperstealth that was part of the Phase IV new camo selection.

And with the PT uniform, I want the logo to say US Army not just Army since I saw many foreign military organizations wear our PT uniform downrange but I do not like that US Army logo for the life of me.

Black and Gold is a bad mixture of colors, plain and simple. I feel like I am wearing something that will be filmed in front of a blue screen for CGI effects.

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