New RCP guidelines -clarification. Please help!

I am an E-6 with 19 years. My MOS has been flagged and is in the process of being deleted. No one from my MOS made the E-7 list this year because of the MOS change. According to the new RCP guidelines, I now have to retire when I hit 20 years in. But, here's my question:
In the latest MILPER message 11-096, section 12, paragraph C, it lists exemptions to the policy.... all of which I qualify for. I took the Career Status Bonus 3 years ago. I have read the document in its entirety and it looks to me as if I will be allowed to stay up 23 years.
I went to our reenlistment NCO for clarification. He tells me this is only for new system soldiers not old system soldiers?? I don't see anything here that makes a class distinction.
I'm hoping that someone here has more knowledge of the program and can help me out!

Thank you in advance for all help!!
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Are you INDEF?

If not, then you can only stay until your 20 year mark. In order to stay 23 years, you must reenlist INDEF before 1 June to fall under the current RCP rules for SSG; which is 23 years.

If you are not INDEF or reenlist after 1 June, your RCP will be 20 years.
I am in INDEF. I have been since 2006.

I thought current RCP is for 26?? I'm guess I'm confused as to which RCP guidelines I will follow and if so, will I qualify for the exemption. I guess... either way it will allow me to stay at least 23.
Thanks for clearing this up!
I've got a question. How do you know if you fall under the Old RCP guidelines or the new one. I'm so confussed right now. But here's my dilemma, I want to reenlist but I was told I couldn't due to the fact I'm an E-4(P) with 11yrs Active and still have 1yr 4months left. I wanna reclass to an MOS that the points aren't so darn high. I'm in an MOS which is requiring E-4's to reclass when they are in their window to reup and this MOS has been in the 798's for the past 4 years sure its dropped a couple of times, but to like 660 at the lowest. What do I need to do?
If you reenlisted on/after 1 Jun 2011, you fall under the new RCP rules.

Not sure what you're asking when you say the procedure. The procedures for reenlistment are the same whether it's your first or Indef.
If you're in the window or have an SRR, are an E-6 or above and have 10 or more years AFS, then you reenlist indef.
I have been told different things about the new RCP guidelines and there is still a little confusion on my part. I am prior service, served twelve years active duty, separated from service and came back in in 2009 as a E-4. I just recently picked up E-5 with a ETS of Jun, 2012 which will put me at fifteen years and three months total active service.
Under the new guidelines, I am prohibited by DA for reenlistment. Do I fall under the old RCP guideline where I can reenlist if I am a E-5P, or am I under the new guidelines and be forced out?
I am currently deployed and have only seen a Retention NCO twice during the entire deployment due to op locations. I would love to finish my time and retire, but I think I am forced out.
Please save the "shouldn't have gotten out" remarks since it was extenuating family circumstances that forced me to leave service in the first place. Thank You for your responses!

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