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what's this MOS like anyway... I am a former 11B who has been out of service in corp. America for the past 15 years. Made my money and had some fun. Now wanting to start next chap in life with a meaning!

Can anyone tell me about life as a 14E?
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I'm not a 14E, i'm a 14J.. which in the jobs you will be working, you will see a few juliets.. 14E is a Patriot Fires control tech op/maint .. it's the longest MOS school air defense has. alot of computers and networking. =) You will troubleshoot patriot fire systems and maintain them, during operation. When deployed and a ballistic missile is detected, and the commander says engage, you're the one to tell the system to fire the Patriot missile. not much field time, and when you are the entire battery(company to everyone else but artillery) moves out.
14E's are also like the glory boys of HIMAD. All eyes are on them, and praised.
oh yeah, and watch your P's and Q's... lots and lots of brass watching.. and loads of females in the units.
Thanks for the intel. I'm relatively new to this game (again!) and I also suppose that at the age of 42, I am not ready to admit that age is a factor. Being prior serv 11B assigned to an SF unit and now being a 14E is a bit of a thing to swallow. I am not dissing the CMF it's just that it takes a little getting used to, that's all! I think it's an ego/bravado thing...

Anyway, thanks for the intel - greatly appreciate it!
Most people either love or hate PATRIOT. You will have to do a lot of studying for your Table IVs and a lot of time practicing in the ECS. You are going to have to participate in March Order and Emplacement, as well as ensuring you take great care of your equipment. If there is one thing you should concentrate on, it is making sure you maintain your equipment. Good luck as a 14E.

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