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There may already be a post about this but I don't have the time to go look for it. I just had our sole SPC get promoted to SGT. Do I have to do an 'initial' NCOER or just do initial counseling and do the NCOER next year? I only ask because I haven't done one for a new SGT and when I got promoted to SGT, I don't remember getting my first NCOER until a year later when my annual was due.

Do I have to do one within 90 days since he is a new SGT or how does it work? I can't find the answer in the AR.
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Little off topic, but I think the NCOER support form is a great tool. My PLT SGT actually gave me a copy half filled out and asked me to rate myself based of his criteria. Having to actually evaluate myself based of his criteria really opened my eyes to what I was doing right and where I as falling short.

Just make sure you're doing the quarterlies as well!
Originally posted by IntheArmyMP:
your PSG doing that is a disservice to you. It is his responsibility to rate you. To do it for "development" purposes is just laziness on his part.

I 70% agree.
Asking the NCO to do it helps them think about the form, the rating scheme, etc...

But that is only helpful if the PSG sits down and talks about what the rated NCO put on on paper.

The PSG should still do their counseling, fill out the form themselves, etc...
I've been writing NCOERs for many years. I believe it is just as much of a "disservice" to the rated by just filling out a document and handing it over. If the rated is atleast an E-6 it's times for him to become intimately familiar with the 2166-8. By having the rated counsel himself is a little weird but still, the Rated should still have alot to do with their report card as long and they are succcessful and not a "needs improvement" Soldeir

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