NG AGR - Xfer from KS to Ohio?

My husband is AGR, Kansas NG. He will be deployed in 2009, and because of this my son and I plan to move to another state to be closer to family - I am a disabled Vet and have multiple sclerosis. AFTER his deployment is over we plan for the whole family to permanently relocate to Ohio.

However, this presents a HUGE problem for my husband regarding his job. We have been watching AGR job announcements in Ohio (just to get some basic info), and see that they require/prefer someone who already belongs to the Ohio guard - it seems as though it is not possible for my husband to apply for or get a job as an AGR there. He has many years in the military and this is definitely his career. Our fear is that once he returns from deployment he will have to stay in KS for a long time and we do not want to separate our family any longer than necessary.

HOW is it possible to apply for and get an AGR position in another state????

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All it took was a google search on Ohio AGR Vacancies. Here's the link:
I would read the vacancies very well twice over to make sure that your husband doesn't have to be an M-day soldier in the Ohio Guard first because a lot of states are that way that is situation I am in. I have been looking and interviewing in TN for over 2 years. Good luck with the move and the deployment hope this helps!

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