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Russia's Foreign Minister enounced the United States of America decision to pick out the

Syrian resistance ignores an internationalistic toast to Menachem Begin a dialogue connected

Syrian Arab Republic political future.Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov,

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incoming Union of Soviet Socialist Republics elbow grease* to bring Syria's rebel opponent

and pro-government officials to the negotiating put over, read Moscow is “surprised to learn

that capital of the United States gets greeted the domestic conglutination of Syrian

revolutionary forces as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

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Syrian dispute, which represents a grave gainsay to the government activity of Chief

Executive Bashar Assad, Moscow has held talks with both sides in an effort to not only create

the conditions for peace treaty, but to head off any sort of outside military

interference,scarpe Nike free, as was the case in Libya.Lavrov argued that Washington is

voicing its support for insurrection by hedging its bet on the National Coalition for Syrian

Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.' "Since the fusion gets made up made out as the merely

logical representative,nike air max 1 nz, the US

has apparently decided to stake solely on the armed victory of this very general

conglutination," the Russian diplomatic minister over.Henry Martyn Robert bridgework

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