(No) Counselings For Reasons To Not Go To The Board

I've heard this tidbit before. I have no idea if it's true or not (I looked through AR 600-8-19 but didn't see it, so it might be something else, I missed it, or it's in AR BS-E1.TALK). It's come up with a soldier but I have no idea if it's true, ligit, or whatever.

Supposedly, if a soldier (E-4) has NOT been counseled for reasons NOT to go to the board for a period of time, then s/he can be automatically sent regardless of supervisor recommendation. I assume that the soldier is at least in the Primary/Secondary Zone, on the C10, TIS/TIG, (P) status, all that good stuff. I actually know of a soldier a few years back who was sent to the board specifically for this reason, but I didn't pay attention to it much. Since I can't seem to find it, probably because I might be looking at the wrong spot, does anyone know of this, and where I can find it? The soldier's NCO's are pretty much failing him if he isn't getting any type of professional/career/developmental counseling.

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Normally if the Leadership has counseled a Soldier for reasons not to go to a board the Senior Leadership will look back at the Junior Leadership and ask "what have you done to prepare this Soldier for promotion". I get that you have counseled the individual but what are you doing to correct those deficiencies as a Leader? Everyone has potential and it is up to the Leadership to develop that potential through counseling, mentoring, coaching, teaching, doing, and then holding accountable.

I fully understand that there are Soldiers out there that will claim "I do not want to get promoted" and I get that, but with as much stuff as we are asking of our Junior Soldier/Leaders why not get promoted, there is no reason to shy away from duty and responsibility that you are already performing.

I do have a non-recommendation counseling for promotion on my Leadertank.com website that might be able to assist you as a template or at least for ideas on the counseling.

Here is the link to where the Promotion Counseling (Non-Recommendation) can be found.

this is how it is supposed to work:

ar 600-8-19 para 3-11
c. For Soldiers fully qualified but not recommended, the battalion HR specialist will prepare the DA Form 3355 and
forward it to the first-line leader for appropriate counseling. Once the counseling is completed, the CDR will forward
DA Form 3355 and counseling documents to the promotion authority for final decision.
d. Once a Soldier has been counseled for not being recommended for promotion, the BN human resource specialist
will not continue to provide a new DA Form 3355 to the CDR. Copies of the Soldiers periodic counseling (at least
quarterly) will be provided to the promotion authority until the Soldier is recommended for promotion or is no longer

if there are no counselings the soldier has a very good chance of going.

i can see this one both ways... 1. no one wants to see a d bag get promoted. and 2. no one wants to see someone held back because they work for d bags.

bottom line is you gotta counsel your soldiers

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