Nodal Network Simulator WIN-T Inc 1 (25N,F,Q,S,B,U)


The NNS is a great asset to develop Soldiers skills on the general configuration and will allow them to see a larger portion of the network, hopefully giving them a better understanding of where they fit in the big picture. When operating as an Exercise Controller you can monitor the network and over the shoulder on Soldiers as they configure equipment and give them guidance.

The software works well on a basic LAN, or in a stand alone capacity. There can be issues with firewalls when using the LAN.
Took a few tries to download the big zip file, (my home internet is apparently 5x faster in the morning time than evening..) Then win7 didn't want to unzip it, had to use winzip.

The JNNs I saw in exercise 1 are v5 and v6, I'll play around with the STT and CPN later..
It's a shame, the 3 years I've been in the Army including a deployment the only part of my job I've done is fixing other people's mistakes and errors. Actually in any given week I only do about 2-3 minutes of my actual job, if that. (25U)

Hence why I'm re-classing.

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