Not Being Paid??

I reenlisted in Oct 2011 for 6 more years. My ETS was August 16 2012.

It has now been 117 Days and absolutely no signs of bonus money!!

I am in contact with my unit, but they have no clear answer!

Is there a problem going on? A Backlog? What's the deal??
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No, ETS was Aug 16, 2012

All I have been told so far is there was a new "Software or Program" that is now used for Bonuses and that it was no working correctly!

Was just told today that it should be at State level waiting to be paid.

It's just nut's because its been 117 days since ETS and no payment, but if I go out tomorrow and lose a damn canteen cup in the field, that damn thing will come out of my very next paycheck!!!!!!!!!

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