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Im currently in Korea and I just reenlisted for Ft. Bragg on Dec 9. I called branch and found out that my report date is 10 Jan. Its now Dec 26 and I havent even put in a LEVY packet yet. How do i get my report date pushed back so I have enough time to clear and be able to take a few days of PCS leave to go home and pick up my car?
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That makes sense, DEROS 8 Dec, report date 10 Jan...about 30 days in between. What i don't understand is why are you still in Korea, you should have beed out of there on 8 Dec. If you extended your DEROS, someone is not traking it...make sure your DEROS is updated, otherwise you might have problems, like not reporting on your assigned date...
How long does it take to change my DEROS once I submit the FSTE. My S1 lost the one I already gave them months ago. I got orders on 30 DEC with a report date of 10JAN and theyre saying now that i have to change my DEROS along with my deferment 4187 but I dont know if the FSTE will have enough time to go thru.
I don't know how long it takes, depends on your S-1 how fast they move, but you are cutting it really short.

I am sorry to say this, but some of this is also your fault. After a few weeks you gave them the paperworks your DEROS didn't changed, you should have checked on that, not waiting a few months.

Like i said before, i don't know how you are still in Korea if they are not tracking your paperwork for DEROS...all i can say now is good luck, and stay on your S-1 every minute you can...otherwise you will might end up going from Korea straight to your next duty station with no leave in between.

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