Offered promotion but it requires Airborne school

I was offered an E6 promotion but it requires Airborne school. I am a female and on profile. I have no desire to go to Airborne school and do not think I would even be eligible to go, but do not want to be at the bottom of the promotion list. Some say I won't and some say I will in my unit. Anyone know or have an idea where I could get the info? I'm currently trying to read through the regulations. Thanks.
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This is under the National Guard thread and trust me, with my nearly 7 years in the Guard (now I am active with nearly 16 years AFS and 2+ years in the Reserves), promotions are different.

When your name comes up as eligible to be promotion for a grade in your state, the opening might be in a unit 100 miles away from your current unit. If you do not take the position/promotion, your name goes to the bottom of the list.

I was combat engineer in the Guard and there was an abundance of positions open, so you can move up to E-6 real fast. Then I switched to 42A and there was an opening in my unit, when I became eligible for E-5. I was lucky.

Melissa, I do not know what state you are in, MOS and the unit that is offering the position (e.g. airborne unit) but I will talk to your state's retention NCO on the best course of action for your situation.

WO1/Rock, this is similar as trying to get a position at the 82nd or 173rd in Italy where being jump qualified is a requirement. And if you are not, going to Airborne school TDY en route to get the assignment as part of the PCS deal.

There are no E-5/E-6 appearing before the board in the Guard. It is all a paper board based on the points you have earned (e.g. PT, awards, correspondence courses, NCOES, etc). That is why you see 50-year old Specialists in the Guard because they cannot get promoted due to lack of slots or they self-deny promotion based on a variety of reasons (slot opening too far from home and/or they love their current unit).
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So in the guard it is more decentralized? Never knew. I've been active my whole time so this is something new to me.

Up to E-4 is automatic just like AD. Reserves promotions are different because they have a larger pool to deal with. In the Guard, you deal with what is open in your state only. A Guardsman can seek a transfer in another state and that process is called an IST (inter-state transfer). States that are close to one another like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut has people living in one state and serving in another. Also, the Guard has AGR positions that fall under Title 32 (state) than Title 10 (federal).

Trust me, when I switched from Marine Corps active to the Connecticut Army National Guard, it was a beast to learn how things worked. Then when I switched to Army active, I had to go through the board all over again; even though I was an NCO and had BNCOC common core completed.

Good thing that my Guard PLDC/WLC and common core counted on AD and my other stuff (correspondence courses from the Corps and the ones I finished while in the Guard). I went from E-4 to E-6 in two years on AD.

I was activated for 9/11 (Operation Noble Eagle) when I was in the Guard and when I came on active duty, I did not know those days on federal active service could be counted towards my BASD. I had to provide all my old LES (I had to contact DFAS) to show my dates on federal active service (e.g. annual training, WLC, reclass MOS training) and I got 7 months plus added to my BASD. If not, I would have been retiring with a much later date than I do now.

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