Officer beginning disrespectful to Troop and Their Family

I'm in the LA NG and of course most ppl know we are activated for the Hurricane Issac relief and evacuations. Well the days that I have been here have been nothing but hell. Many things are usually briefed and we are actually told about during this briefing. Well nothin was put out or has been. My MOS is a 25U which is a Signal Support which is COMMO. Well my unit has gotten rid of my job so I'm here doing NOTHING. We aren't getting paid anything and I have a family to support. Well yesterday my boyfriend can to visit and for some reason my commander is on me. I'm new to the unit. However that shouldn't matter. Many ppl have been leaving and things like that so I went to the store for tampons and they called me I told them where I was going exactly and on of the SFC said ' get your Ass here now and come and see me'. So I walk in the office and get the run down. They began to talk to me very rude and disrespectful. When my boyfriend came to eat dinner with me we ate and walk outside and she came out and told me to come to help clean. I finish cleaning my boyfriend was still there she was rude to him telling him to go away and outside and etc. Well they asked me where my keys were. My boyfriend came to pick up my car so he could caught a flight in the morning and I went out with the SFC that cursed at early to see him Drive away and to tell him goodbye. The commander comes out there with three other ppl told me to leave and started to question him. She told him he was not welcomed here anymore and not come around here. She was very nasty with her choice of words and with and attitude that eluded no military bearing or respect. I was very disappointed in my commander as well as my unit because they show favoritism.. It definitely not right however whom else can I talk to report the disrespect and rudeness that happened to!?
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Seriously?? You get activated to help with the hurricane relief effort and you are complaining you cant spend time with your boyfriend. Just because you arent filling radios doesnt mean you are not doing your job as a soldier. I predict that if you continue to have the attitude that you are entitled to recieve respect you havent earned that you will find yourself having a difficult time in the ng. (boy o boy good thing you didnt join active duty)
There is a lot to this story that seems to be missing. I know I do not type the best but wow it took a lot to understand this. Here are a couple of quesitons you need to answer in order to get any sort of valid response.

1) Is your unit allowed visitors?
2) Were you allowed to go to the store when you did? (seems like you were apparently on duty at that time)

You say they show favortism in your unit but your story shows none of that as you are basically just coming off as complaining about not being able to see your BF.

Is your CO wrong if they cussed your BF out? Probably because they should have some Military Bearing also.

As for your pay issues you should be brinigng that up to get it taken care of not as that should be more important if you have a family to take care of not the fact that your BF get yelled at. Go to your Team Leader and get your pay straightened out.

Answer the rest of the questions and give more detail in your description and you will be able to get more help.
To the first reader it not the problem of spending time with my boyfriend. It's how disrespected I felt. Also how am I help with anything if I'm doing nothing. Like seriously I'm sitting on the cot all day and working out.

To the second reader sorry it's a lot more to the story. Yes we are allowed to see visitors. Others were seemed to allowed to go where with them having no knowledge of it until they were gone. They were ok with it. Then I leave and it's not ok.? I don't get that? I went to my squad leader who took it to the Admin. SFC who cursed me out yesterday for getting hygiene products and she said everyone has that problem I feel sry for you because regardless if I'm here or not I get paid. My boyfriend was disrespect when he did absolutely nothing. He's from MO anyway so I don't get to see him as much as other ppl and I even asked before and she said yes. How would anyone feel if someone they love was disrespected while doing absolutely nothing. I wasn't on duty haven't been for the entire time I been here. Been in PTs and civilans because no one doing anything.

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