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I am currently an Officer Candidate (OC)in the ARNG and I am getting married in Dec. My soon-to-be wife asked me when I was still a SPC to wear my uniform for the wedding. I have been trying to find out what I am authorized to wear on my ASU. Do I wear NCO stripes on my pants etc. I really want to get the Uniform up to regs and I have already checked 670-1 it didn't really help me any.
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Originally posted by Mr. Realist:
I have already checked 670-1 it didn't really help me any.

My *OPINION*= Candidates are "Officers" (untless they fail out). You would wear Officer pants. AR 670-1 does show how you wear the OCS Rank.

I would check with other Officers who have done the OCS route- if it's like WOCS you show up with 2 pairs of ASU pants and get one altered for the Social event and graduation (no stripes) but wear the other (stripes) with WOCS rank for church, etc...
--I BELIEVE that's just for practicality sake. I don't believe striped pants are the norm or prescribed wear for Candidates.

If you can't find someone to answer your questions, contact OCS and ask them.

Congrats! and good luck at school!

When you say you are an OC, are you in OCS or just pending until then?

I was a SGT when i went through Green to Gold-Active Duty and ROTC, and I wore my SGT Greens until I commissioned. Granted I was not considered a candidate, rather a cadet.

Best bet is to ask OCS what the right answer would be like Auto said. If you can't find an answer there, I'd go with either the OCS rank if its applicable, or just rock the SPC uniform.
Originally posted by IntheArmyAG:
When you say you are an OC, are you in OCS or just pending until then?

Reservists and Guardspersons are considered a Candidate upon selection. They wear Candidate rank until they go to Candidate school and graduate or fail out.

Active duty usually wears current rank until they go to school.
Thanks for the clarification Auto.

OP, here is part of the packing list for individuals that go to OCS. I would for set my uniform up like this, though I am going to interject a few changes for your situation.

2 U.S. insignia, Officer, "Sta-Brite" (Standard for all Officers)
1 11th Infantry Regiment Crest (Use your current crest)
2 OCS Rank, “Sta-Brite” insignia

Additionally, the FAQ states that "All uniforms need to be configured to be an Officer". I take this as the pants should be with the stripes. The interesting thing is the jacket though. If it is supposed to be set up for an officer, than it means that you do not have the straps the DUI and rank goes on the enlisted uniform. But because you do not have officer rank, I would think you would not put the hooks on for the wedding (they are easy to have put on at a later date and I am 99% sure they come with the shoulder boards anyway). So the only thing you would have would be the OCS on the lapel as 670-1 doesn't have you wear the US on it.

Best of luck, and let us know what you learn.

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