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Before I go digging in the regs does anyone know the wording for wear of Badges (i.e. combat action, air assault) on the ACU. Can you offset them to the edge of the name tape like on the ASU if they are covered by the collar?
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How many badges on the ACU are you wearing if blocked by the collar? Wink I wear two and they are never blocked by the ACU collar. I would only see the issue with four.

Did you see the slides on ACU badges in the new AR 670-1 slide update given in the tattoo thread? Start at slide 49 and slide 50 is clear on locations.


Just FYI, skill badges are never on the nametape side on the ASU or ACU. Unless you referred to the US Army tape as a generic term for nametape.

But I will say no to the offset. <--show enlisted. if its hidden; its hidden
Originally posted by Soldier60:
I wear two badges and yes I was referring to the US Army tape as the name tape.

My collar comes right down the middle of the badges. Maybe it's a problem specific to my uniform size (M/L)

Probably that could be the reason. I wear large regular and it has never been an issue.

Posture? Small chest? lol just teasing you. But are you doing this for aesthetic reasons or do you care that your badges are clearly seen by others? Either way, I would not worry about it.
It just drives me crazy that the badges are being blocked by the collar.

Going with the theory that applies to all other uniform items, if wear of the item it disrupted by the uniform then you adjust.

(ASU wearer can offset ribbons and badges left if the collar blocks)

(ACU if the pocket flap covers patch when centered you lower the patch so it is not blocked at all)

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