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Hi! My husband got his orders yesterday and he has to report on May 21. The thing is that i have a job and a baby and I need to have sufficient time to quit it and leave everything here in order to begin with the Army moving process. So, if he has to report on May 21, do I have to report with him and our baby too? Or can he goes before check in, do the apt/house search and when we got the apt/house i go there? Thanks... all information will be greatly appreciated.
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you can move there later, but there is a timeframe, if you do not move within a certain amount of time, there are certain benefits he cannot claim (he cannot get DLA, dislocation allowance, if you do not go there within 60 days of him reporting) and if you wait to long he could lose his benefit of getting you moved at the Army's dime. Not to mention, once he settles in he will have to live off post as he is married which means his BAH will change to his duty station.
The other thing to remember is that once your husband gets there and signs in they may not just let him take more time off just to go back and bring you over since you CHOSE to stay longer. I would hazard to guess that your husband at the very least (if not you too) have known he was on orders for a fair bit of time. Ordinarily, you have a good 2-4 months between finding out you're on orders until when you actually get paper copies and start to clear. My last PCS happened in 2.5 months from getting on orders to moving and that is considered very short notice but it was something I chose to do for the assignment, not something the Army normally does. You've got a little over 4 weeks before he has to sign in. Unless there is absolutely no way you can make the move, I would encourage you to go at the same time as him.

Thanks so much for both answers. But now i have to contradictory answers. Lol

One saying I could stay behind but obviously not for like a year lol... and another one saying that I should go with him on May 21.

The thing is he didnt know about the orders until this last Friday, he is finishing his AIT the first week of May. I wish we would have known for 2-4 months about this orders and about his report date. But how we would know his orders if he was in BCT and then AIT?

I don't want to stay here more than 1 month more, just to get settled some things at work. Also, if I go with him, where we are going to stay? I mean, the waiting list for his duty station is for like 11 months.

Thanks so much for any clarification you can made to this worried wife. Have a blessed day Smiler
Too easy, he was/is in AIT, you should have been planning to move, the moment he went to basic....i said you could stay i didnt say i recommend it...If you go you can stay in a hotel for a certain amount of time and the Army will pay for it, when i got here we were allowed 60 days...we stayed in a hotel for 22 days...after that you can move to an apartment/house until you get housing or just live offpost...
Ah you left the AIT part out. Like TransAM said, he should have known that he was going to PCS the day he went to basic training. I'm sure he's known his AIT graduation date for a while now. If you don't mind me asking, what base are you heading to? Most people end up having to move off post when they initially report to a new base to wait on housing. Generally finding a house/apartment off post is not a big deal CONUS with a couple of small exceptions. Staying behind a month isn't a huge deal but as I said in my previous post, his new unit may well be reluctant to give him leave right off the bat which could leave you moving yourself and your kid.
Hi TransAmCo95NCO:

Yes you are right, he is in AIT right now and I should having been planning from the moment he went to BCT for the moving. But I didn't planned that when he went to BCT on August 2011, in his 2nd week he got pneoumonia and was under intensive care because of the critical condition with a ventilator and had a 2-weeks stay in the hospital, then he got convalence leave and got home for like a month. Because of that, all the dates that he has set up in that moment were stayed-moved. Now that, thanks to God, he is healthy and finishing his AIT in two weeks, they say to him were is the place and the date that we have to move. I'm a planner! I always am, I love to have all my things in order, but some things we are just out of our control.

This is not the first site/person I ask this question, but the thing is that in every site/person that I ask i get different answers...and I wish his recruiter will be a more reachable person, but no. I will really would like to stay behind for at least 2-3 weeks more tops, but well I hope everything works out.

Hi CW2 Pyro:

I'm ok that my husband sign in and stays in his duty station and I do the arrangements with the Army transportation and moving company to do all the moving, or he has to be with us to do that process? We will be moving from Puerto Rico. And as I said before... I wish i would know the orders for a good 2-4 months...he didn't have even the report day until last Friday.

Both: Thanks for your answers.
Either you or him (probably easier with you since he is obviously not in PR right now) should probably contact the local transportation office and ask if you can do it. Worse case scenario, he has to start the initial process (which he can actually do from any transportation office) and put your name on the paperwork as an authorized signer which gives you the ability to sign the inventory forms and such when the movers actually come.

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