I'm very interested in pursuing an online education, but I can't decide where I should take my (or should I say the government's) money. I want to take courses having to do with intelligence and/or counter-terrorism. I'm not terribly concerned about being able to use the degree to help me obtain civilian employment, however it would be nice. I mainly want the education because that's what I'm really interested in.

Right now I'm an artilleryman, but I need to get out of this job. I plan on reclassing into an intel job as soon as I can. I'm not trying to get the degree to assist in reclassing, just for self-development. Does anyone know of any reputable schools offering 100% online bachelor's degrees? I've looked into American Military University and like what I see there. I called Henley-Putnam University and they aren't regionally accredited. Is there anything else out there I'm missing?
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Currently, I am mid-way of completing my masters with UMUC (University Maryland University College) which has an excellent online program and hybrids.

But you will provide some of your money and will pay for your books in which you can possibly claim when you file taxes.

What has your education center advisor provided in information?
I have completed two certificates, associates and my bachelors with AMU. Im taking a break from my masters right now due to redeployment/dwell time and a upcoming pcs. One thing to know about AMU is that both associates and bachelors are "undergraduate" which means they cost the same amount. The only thing you pay for is the transfer credit evaluation which is a one time fee. When I completed my A.S. and enrolled into my B.A. I didn't have to repay it. Other schools such as Phoenix bachelor programs cost more so you'll be taking less classes per year.
Also the first course is an into to online, which is standard schedule, time management and refresher training in APA formatting. I have never had problems with the teachers when it came to being TDY or family emergency when i couldn't log into the system as long as I emailed them. There are about twelve in my company that attend AMU.

P.M. me any questions you may have about AMU
I really don't have an education center anywhere nearby. I'm on recruiting duty. I would like to get a degree from a major brick and mortar college but I'm having a difficult time finding something that suits my desires and is offered purely online. I was talking to a rep from Henley-Putnam earlier this evening and it seemed like she was rushing me on the phone, not really taking time to understand what kind of information I wanted. All she wanted to do was send me an information packet. HPU isn't regionally accredited either. That's too bad...
A lot of major university are starting to compete with the online schools. For instance, Northern Arizona University is the smallest out of the universities in Arizona but they have invested in a great online program. Try calling a state university. You wont have to worry about the accreditation and it has a higher chance in being in goarmyed.com.
I am responding on this thread too late but want to share source for online colleges and universities and hopefully it will be helpful to others. I can recommend you a web site which has a database of many online schools and colleges; http://www.askforeducation.com: is your guide to accredited online colleges and universities to help you match your career goals with an online education program that is right for you.

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