Ordinary Day for 13M?

As a 13 M your normal day goes like this you get up do PT. Go to break fast then go to the motor pool and do mantaince for a couple hours. then you eat again. then you go to the motor pool again or do some common task training. then you go eat again. then your day is done. from what I have seen admin is the only thing in the army that keeps busy, oh maintance seems to always be busy.
[quote:96eaed18ed="rocketman1147"]what I have seen admin is the only thing in the army that keeps busy, oh maintance seems to always be busy[/quote:96eaed18ed]

Actually, I've always found that in a garrison environment, admin stays busy and line units sit around; in a field environment, it's the other way around.

When I was in an Infantry BN, we spent at least two weeks out of every month in the field. We didn't have any MLRS systems, but if the unit you're going to was like that one, you'll have plenty of opportunities to hone your skill.
Well I dont know how it is at other posts besides Korea (Alpha 6/37 FA) But here at Bragg (Bravo 3/27 FAR) you get jerked around alot. I find my job to be rather stressful and disheartning. the unit cane be seperated into 3 sections. HQ, Ammo and Fire. there are 2 fire platoons. in the Ammo platoon I am stuck in I am constantly home let missing meals and generally hating life. While in korea I loved it. 1600 comes around you go home unless there was something truly pressing. here in the states you have Senior Non coms trying to prove they are hua and you have junior enlisted below e-4 who act like they have been around forever and a damn day. you know what I say... Forget this MOS find yourself something more fullfilling
I spent my active duty time with A 76 FA (MLRS) in Bamberg, Germany and then re-organized with other seperate MLRS batteries in to 2/14 FA. There are two levels in a MLRS battery. The HQ platoon and the Fire platoons generally think they run the battery. The Ammo platoon is left to do the dirty work because they have the trucks (Hemitts) to do it. In the field, the HQ and Fire platoons get hots regularly and a lot less guard duty. The Ammo platoon pulls guard, runs supplies, and little else.

I prefer being in an Ammo platoon. You are not around the senior NCOs and officers. There is a certain kind of 'freedom' in this type of enviroment. This freedom gives the truck crews the ability to roam around the country side, running rockets from the depot to the SPLLs. But, this freedom does come with a price...camo nets. There is nothing worse than stringing a frozen camo net over a cold Hemitt and trailer.

Give me ammo!

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