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Hey all, wondering if anyone who has experience going through OSUT as a prior service member. I just signed a contract that requires me to re-attend basic training, although this time as an 11 series.

I have no complaints really, I can't really see the harm in getting all the skill level 1's done again.

From what I understand, there is a seamless transition between basic and "ait", correct? Also, no patches/badges are worn during OSUT? I'm all about blending in, so this works out alright for me if it's true.

So basically, has anyone gone through as prior service recently? Any new guys gone through with prior service in your company? What's it like?
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Bro I just graduated from 11B Osut as PS yesterday. Complete Joke. Training as you knew it (depending how long ago you came in) is completley different, more soft. We didn't have any special privelages, and we couldn't wear any patches per BN CSM due to the fact that alot of us were more decorated than his Drills. It was a pain in the ass to deal with alot of the IET guys, and alot of the PS had to take rank reduction coming back in, so that was like a kick to the groin. Good luck
Exactly what I was looking for, thanks bro. Did you at least graduate in Class A's / all your "bling"? I went through BCT in early '03, so really not that long ago. Glad to know I probably won't be the only PS guy there too.

Did you and the rest of the PS get tossed into leadership roles more often? Or were you purposely kept in the back to give the new guys a chance?
I know this is a bit late in the game, but I went to Ft. Benning in 2004 and there was one guy in another PLT that was prior service and was a CPL I believe and had already gone through jump school. He told us that he was only supposed to be doing a 2-week refresher course because he had been out for 5yrs, but that was not the case. He apparently went to the 1SG and was told hey, your already here, so.... he was stuck there for the duration of 9-week BCT. Again, he was not in my PLT, but as stated above, he was the PLT guide pretty much all of BCT for his PLT.
Thanks for the welcome. I don't get offended easily, I just don't like when someone posts things like that, that are petty. In reality it's not a big deal, but some like to take little things and talk big.

If I feel I have something to contribute, even if 4-yrs old, it doesn't hurt to add to it. Someone else might be browsing the thread and find something informative, even if said response might be years later..haha If these threads were meant not to be replied to after a certain date, then they should be locked or removed. I can get along, as long as everyone else can.

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