I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this answer. I have been deployed to Iraq four times, three times with the 101st once with 1CD. At the time with the 101st I was told you were only entitled to one overseas ribbon period. I am now at 1CD where they are saying you are entitled to an overseas ribbon for each deployment. I looked into AR 614-30 under table 3-2 and if I understand right it says I am entitled for an overseas ribbon for each deployment, but the timeframes it says in the AR have me somewhat confused. My first deployment was for 5 months in 03-04, second deployment was 12 months 05-06, third deployment 14 months 07-08, and this last deployment I caught the tail end of was from September 09 to December 09. If anyone could help me with references I would greatly appreciate it.
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During my time looking this up I got on the HRC Website and found the same FAQ. I just want to make sure I am reading into this right. If someone would please read this and let me know that my explanation is right I would greatly appreciate it. Here is how it is explaned on the HRC site.

Question 4: How long do I have to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan to be awarded the OSR?

Answer 4: Overseas tour credit is outlined in AR 614-30. Provided below is a clarification statement the proponent to AR 614-30 has provided our office:

“Soldiers who serve a minimum of 11 cumulative months or 9 continuous months in a TCS/TDY status get credit for a completed short tour. Your reference is AR 614-30 (23 Sep 04), Table 3-2, rules 5 and 7. Iraq and Afghanistan are considered isolated areas where tour lengths have not been established by DOD; therefore, the Army gives equivalent credit for periods of TCS/TDY. Also, since there is no official established DOD tour length, Soldiers cannot serve in Iraq in PCS status. To determine the overseas tour lengths refer to Table 1, Appendix Q, Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR), Volume 1. You will not find a tour length for Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Like I said on my previous post I have four deployments, September 03- Feb 04 would be a 5 month tour, September 05-September 06 12 months, September 07- November 08 would be 14 months, September 09- Dec 09 would be 4 months.
Obviously the 14 month and 12 month tour equals an OSR, but how the Reg reads am I able to take the 4 month and 5 month as well as the two month of the 14 month tour to make a cumualtive of 11 months. I think I pretty much know that my answer is No. So I guess I am just looking for a reclarification that I am only entiltled to 2 OSR ribbions.
Outstanding question there, kudos for finding the reference yourself. The person to ask this would be SGM Katrina L. Easley. She is the Army G1 Uniform Policy SGM.

For questions like yours, where there is no exact answer in the regulations, she is the be all end all on what is correct. Shoot her an email explaining everything you have here and I'm sure you will get an answer. Also, please post it so we can also see what is right.

p.s. She doesn't want every random joe to email her so don't get mad at me if she chews you a new one. Check with your chain of command first, then if you cannot resolve it, email her, or better yet, have your 1SG or CSM do it for you lol. Your question is unique though so I don't think she'll jump in your shit.
also, I just noticed, I don't think you're giving yourself the correct amount of credit per tour. If you spend 1 day of a month in country, that counts for the whole month. Therefore if your first tour was from September through February then that is a 6 month tour. Even if you got there on September 30th, and left February 1st you still count those months. Same for your "12" month. If you were there from September 05 through September 06 then that will count as 13 months. Your "14" month tour also, if you set foot in Kuwait any day in September 07 then left Kuwait any day in November 08 that's credit for 15 months.

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