Overstrength MOS into Airborne?


I've did as much research on google as possible and have sat down with my Company and Battalion Retention NCO but was unable to procure enough information to be satisfied. My situation is dicey, I'm trying to stay in at the very least.

I'm currently in my retention window, but my Battalion is out of slots for the remainder of this fiscal year, so I'm stuck waiting until October to pass. I would like to reenlist for Airborne as a 25S and remain a 25S, to go work with an sf group or 112th. I'm physically and mentally capable of passing Airborne school. My MOS is currently over-strength for E1 through E5, making my retention options more limited. Obtaining Staff Sergeant is possible but unlikely, as our points are well above 650 and our Brigade policy on ALC is driven by current rank, not potential.

My question is, am I able to reenlist for Airborne School as a 25S and remain a 25S, or will I be force reclassed? I'm not sure where to get this specific information about Airborne qualified MOS Strength. If it's on the In/Out call list, then I'm not seeing it.

SGT Appli Tri
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