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Ok so I know you need to keep pt and weapons up to date within a year on your ERB. I took a PT test in April of 2013 and one in Feb 2014. When it was updated in 2014 they put in the wrong year and it was not caught so now I lost my status. At no fault of my own how do I go about getting it back without reboarding?
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Active Component Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Version 6

e. New Question: My APFT expired and I was removed from the PPW. However, I took an APFT before it expired. What actions should I take?
New Answer: You will report to your unit S1 to request verification of your current APFT. If it is a valid record APFT and there were no gaps between your APFT dates your S1 may reintegrate you back onto the PPW.
NOTE: Your promotion status will be effective the date you are reintegrated onto the PRL. Promotion eligibility will not be backdated.

Edit: Didnt look at the dates of this topic. but I stumbled apon this today and saw the post and thought it might help someone out down the road.

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