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Prior service going to fort Gordon for 25Q. I leave early Feb but I would like to know what all to bring now(uniforms and such). I was PS going into my current MOS and all I took were my acu's since graduation was informal. But it's a bit different for me now. I'm living out of my suitcases at my parents home(husband and stuff in Germany)so I'd like yo bring as little as possible to school. Thank you for any help!
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Technically speaking you should have your FULL CIF ISSUE with you.
(You might not need the dress uniform stuff though..) We wear winter PTs until April. It gets very hot in the summer. You can never have too many PT shorts/shirts! (Well, over 5-6 would be overdoing it... Razzer)

You will be in A Company, the Initial Entry Soldier 25Qs are in D or E Company. There is contact info here
under "Contact".
I would recommend reading everything under "New Arrivals" too, especially the 15th Regimental Signal Brigade Soldier and Family Guide
Haha. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am coming to Ft. Gordon as MOS-T. I'm currently a 42A in the Army Reserves. I came back in into the Army Reserves almost 3 yrs ago..I was prior Air Force. I would really like to leave my dress uniform and such at home, which is my main reason for asking. I have 3 ls and ss pt shirts and tons of shorts, which I stole from my husband before I left Germany. He doesn't do pt anyway. He's going through med board process. Thanks for all the help!
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Haha. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am coming to Ft. Gordon as MOS-T.

yeah, I saw the 'prior service' thing- all the MOS-T 25N, 25P, 25Q, and 25S go to A/551.
I'd recommend emailing or calling the 1SG about your questions. He IS working this week, I bumped into him today.

Have fun at school- remember it's a -10 level course. If you are (or want to be) an NCO, you need to know much more than what AIT will teach you. It's going to be long, boring, and will teach you the bare minimum to know the MOS. To be successful in the MOS you need to ask a lot of questions, and read everything you can get your hands on.

You'll be back in TRADOC land, so just smile at the stupid. Smiler (Or you'll want to scream and/or cry..)

Good luck with it! Big Grin
ArmyBrat...when do you go? I'm prior service Marine going February 3rd for the same MOS. As far as I know right now, I am going to Fort Gordon and haven't been told about going anywhere else for uniform issue.

As for packing list, I'm just bringing a duffle bag with clothes and a laptop. But I don't already have uniforms and stuff so I'm showing up in civilian attire. if you've been out long enough maybe you'll just get everything reissued to you? It will be nice seeing you out there. Where are you shipping out from?
I haven't been told of anywhere other than Gordon, but from what I've read it sounds like if I went anywhere as far as in-processing it would be Fort Jackson. is it just uniforms? I went and bought running shoes today because I wasn't sure if I would be issued any, and bought towels as well. there really isn't much information out there for us prior service guys. im bringing my ribbons out as well because some of the Army bases don't carry some of the ones that I have. Just in case we need them for Class A's or something. other than that...i really don't know what we NEED. had i gone to Warrior Transition Course or anything then I know I would have had all that sorted out, but since I'm just going straight to AIT I feel a little lost.
Hey all. I guess I'll be seeing you in class Brandon. I report Feb 4th. I had a guy in ait (42A) with me that came from Marines and he had everything issued to him when he got to Jackson. Since I came from Air Force, I had everything issued to me at WTC back in '07. My recruiter was signals and he said that I wouldn't need my class a's. Fortunately i brought my acu's and pt's but anything formal related is stuck in germany until my husband gets his orders and comes back to the states. It's too expensive to buy new ones or ship the ones i have. I have heard that class a's wont be worn so it's not a big deal if we don't bring them but i dont want to show up without them and be chewed out for it. I dont have much info on school though. Anyone know about lodging? I know barracks can sometimes be backed up at ait and people sent to hotels until rooms open. I'd like to show up a little more prepared than i am at the moment.
Lodging at Gordon AIT depends on a lot of things, the biggest being "time of year".

Right now the place is still packed with PVTs who come in after they graduate HighSchool and Basic Training. It tapers off towards July then starts going back up in September. Although you're in totally separate lodging than the PVTs, it still makes a difference for the Battalion.

You could be in a 1-man room, a multi-man room, or a (smaller) open-bay (for 8 or so).. OCCASIONALLY when they run out they put MOS-T NCOs in the guesthouse (post hotel) or hotels off-post.

Best bet is to call the 1SG at the number on the 551 webpage, he might give you a Platoon SGT to talk with. (And now that I think about it, my prior boss was a PSG in that company, PM me so I remember to ask her Tuesday..)

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