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I saw some other information here which was what I needed for the most part. I just need some clarification on filling out the actual DA31.

Obviously I am PCS'ing. I am reporting 60 days early and taking PTDY on the front end of my PCS. I am also going to take 30 days of PCS leave because I'm getting close to my use or lose ceiling and I'm going to DITY move my family as well.

I have the magical, "SM is authorized PTDY beginning 31Oct2015 and ending on 09Nov2015."

So my question is, if my early report date is 10 Nov and I am taking 30 days PCS leave w/ 10 days PTDY (I know to get the stamp from housing etc), how should the dates and days be filled in on the actual DA31.

Do I request 30 or 40 days of leave in order to account for the PTDY?
Is my PTDY statement correct or does it need to be from the 1st-10th of Nov. I would sign in on the 9th, report the morning of the 10th.
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Some units wanted separate DA 31s for PCS and PTDY (like I had to do in the past) but I believe that commands now and days just want the PTDY listed on the PCS DA 31.

Even if it is for 40 days and you take your 10 days PTDY, it will be annotated on your PCS DA 31 (in block 17 in the remarks section) and you will only get charged for 30 days.

Speak to your CoC and S1 rep for how they want it done.

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