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I am looking for some more information on something that i was told about by my previous PLT SGT. I was told that if on orders to somewhere and while on PCS Leave that if you were not happy with the location that you are going to that you can simply check yourself into the base that you want and there is nothing that the Army can do to you seeing how you are not AWOL. Is this something legitamite or is it just another one of the barracks lawyers rumers that like to be spread around.
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Who knows? Obviously this is not a situation where nothing will happen to you. It is at the very least an Article 92 violation. I too have heard rumors like this. The variant I heard was that you would receive NJP for disobeying the order to transfer to a specific post, but that the post would keep you all the same.

There is no set rule for this situation and the mileage would vary greatly depending on the commander who you piss off with this stunt. Unfortunately for you, the only REAL way to find out is to do it, and that is not something I would advocate trying.
I agree with the first three posters, and would never advocate this, or try it. Strangely, I know people who've done this and gotten away with it. In one instance, DA figured it out a year later, and just put him on orders to the original installation.
and to chime in... your military pay might get jacked up also. When you "clear" a post, you get put in a PCS status in the finance/pay system. Going to a different duty station could cause your pay to stopped, have issues, other headaches, and the "new" location will not be able to do anything with your pay till you are properly inprocesed with the finance there. That involves orders and documents that will not show the "new" location you decided to just show up at. It would be a headache all around, soi just not worth it. What duty station is SOOOOO bad you are thinking of this?
there is something called the "punitive articles in the UCMJ".
if you perform this foolish stunt, here are the articles you are violating:
article 80-attempts
article 83-fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation
article 92-failure to obey order or regulation
article 86-AWOL.

you can kiss your military career good-bye.

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