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Good Afternoon, I'm on orders to Arifjan. Ill be at the SWACC so Ill be staying at Arifjan. Do they have internet access in the barracks rooms? I had read mixed things. Also do you know if they offer SEC + and CCNA courses there.

Any advice is greatly appreciated looking forward to my time there and wanting to make the most of it.
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Depends on where your room is, but even the temporary barracks had some kind of (SLOW but still expensive) wifi..

You should be able to take courses there- to make sure you pass the first time you can take sec+ and ccna on skillport...

BTW all the power is 220v, dont' take 110v only stuff. (like fans or videogames or TVs) Check it all to make sure it will work.

I think I remember you can ship like 500lbs PLUS your army gear, might not hurt to take a bike or something else to do while not working. There are PT tracks and gyms and MWR stuff.

It is HOT and HUMID there. I watched the thermometer max out at 108deg while waiting for the chowhall to open for breakfast. The day got hotter although the thermometer couldn't show it..

(Also, do you know that you will be in Arifjan the whole time? I got PCSd there but then spent a month up the road at a different camp, then summer in Iraq then winter in Afghan. All in the 160th Signal BDE)...

Have fun with it!
I know this thread is a little old and my question is not the same, but hoping someone can provide an answer. I haven't been able to find an answer online.

I spent 18 months (split up into three TCS rotations) at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait between '08-'11. Back then, we received every entitlement Soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan got, which was obviously not fair, but whatever. I know that has changed and they cut back on some of the Kuwait deployment pay.

Now my husband is on orders to Arfijan for a 12-month PCS. I know that makes a difference. Does anyone know what entitlements Soldiers PCSed to Kuwait currently receive? Specifically, do they receive BAH at the rate for where they left?

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