PCS to CONUS, Moving stuff info needed

Hi all, I'm actually trying to help out my daughter and son-in-law so any help would be great.

They are both Army, stationed in Korea. They will be moving to Ft. Campbell. This is their first move, as they met in Korea, married there and what few items they have are stored here in Florida. The lack of furniture is why I do not think a DITY move will work for them. I really doubt that they have a combined amount of 2,000 lbs of HHG. They do not have a car and will be buying one when they get stateside.

So, by looking at the weight rates and cost of doing DITY move, IF they have a ton of stuff, it looks like they would possibly net maybe $300. If under 1,800 lbs I think they will lose money.

So, are my calculations right if 2,000 lbs? $0.70 per pound=$1,400 taxable income. 28% tax rate = $1,000. Fuel, trailer rental and incidental charges = $700. If correct, this isn't worth the risk to me. More furniture makes sense.

So, assuming they have the Army move their stuff from Florida to Ky (it is stored in my garage), about how long does it actually take?

Thanks all

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Army will pay for Korea to Campbell not Florida. Since they are newly married, I suggest they have transportation handle their move completely. Also, they should be attending a levy brief in Korea that will brief them on all their options.

I am PCSing in a few months for the 6th time and I always let transportation handle it all. I do not even get myself wrapped up in a partial-DITY.
I should be getting my voucher for a partial dity soon (under 2000 pounds) and I will inform you of what the pay out is. Like you said it is not much but if you do not have that much weight I do not see any reason in not doing a dity move. (Now called PPM, Personal procurred move or something close).

If the government does the move you are not looking at much time maybe a few days. My stuff was in Tampa a week before we got here.
It will cost way more than $700 to get a truck and drive it from FL to KY/TN..

They could do a "partial" move, have movers do the Korea/KY and they ask transportation about the partial "Do It Yourself" (DITY,) now called "personally procured move (PPM)..

It can take a week to month for stuff shipped from overseas to get to final destination. Air mattresses are good, tell them don't spend a lot of money on furniture which duplicates the furniture they already own..!

good luck with it!
-and a big salute to you for loaning the garage. Big Grin
For Sprat2 and everyone else, thank you for the info. That is pretty much how I figured and they'd lose if they tried to do it PPM even with me hauling the trailer for them. Plus, the hassle just isn't worth it even if they made a couple of hundred on the deal.

Update on this, might help some others...

They went with the Army move (smart choice). My daughter's HOR is my house, my SIL's HOR is about 1 hour south of here. My daughter also has a dining room set at her mom's house in Nevada. The majority of their joint furniture is here at my house.

Here is how it worked out. For my daughter she used her move from last CONUS station (Arizona) to move the dining room set from Nevada. It cost her an additional $200 due to the distance difference. Son-In-Law used his move to bring all their joint stuff from my house. There was no additional cost as it was essentially the same location as his HOR.

So, what we learned is that if OCONUS to CONUS, Army will pay for moves from either HOR or last station. You can have stuff at a different location, but you may be required to pay a differential on the move.

Hope this helps and it made it super easy.


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