PCSing To Joint Base Lewis McChord

Just wanted to know about the living areas there.Will not be able to get on post housing already been told No due to EFMP and all. Looking for some good areas where the crime is very low, And maybe some stores and restaurants near by, I was shocked to learn that the BAH rates there are not much different from Fort Benning rates as far as E-6 and above But they say some are grandfathered in. Really looking for a private owner who rents their property. I know i may not be home much so safety is my biggest concern for my family.. Thanks for any advice we may get. Oh report date is in 9/2014 but will be there 7/2014.
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Stay away from Tillicum and Lakewood. Just watch an episode of COPS and you'll probably see Lakewood PD . Tacoma is nice and there are a lot of areas near JBLM that are quiet and without crime.

All the major chain stores and restaurants are near by and the Tacoma Mall is 10 minutes away.
People are going to tell you to stay away from Yelm, but that is where I lived and I loved it. We found a great neighbor hood with a good mix of other military, retirees, and locals. The was huge for under E-6 Bah, and the schools good. Commute was a tad longer, but not too bad. Check it out.
I'm here right now actually. There are some "decent" parts of Lakewood; you'll just have to take a firsthand look. Based on traffic trends, living north of base seems to be much more beneficial as I always see and feel bad for the people who are stuck in that massive jam going southbound.

I saw a nice little 3 bdrm 2 bath house in Yelm for $1000/mo. but decided not to take it since I'm only one man. I found it through this site: http://www.ahrn.com/

It sorts the houses displayed based on your BAH (and apt, house, zip code, city, etc.). There are plenty of private owners who put their homes up for rent via that site...as well as other military-friendly residential areas. Feel free to ask me whatever you like as I have been here for the last 6 months.

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