PCSing without Spouse, is there a way to extend??

I'm currently stationed in South Korea with 2ID. I came to Korea unaccompanied and on a 1yr rotation, decided to AIP and do an additional year. During my second year that is when my Spouse and I met. I proposed after about 4 months, and we attempted to do a second AIP for stabilization time. However since I am initial term and have not yet been deployed Branch rejected the action. We talked with the BDE CDR and managed to arrange for a 4 month extension using an FSTE. During that time we got married and tried to get Command Sponsorship. Which was denied due to me being on AI. After a talk with Branch we got them to remove the assignment to get CSP. However, after the action was pushed up to S-1, they delayed on the action and submitted it up to Division to late. During the delay, Branch put me back on AI and refused to take me off. Since then she and I have been trying to get an action pushed through to allow me to stay, since I intend on staying in Korea after ETS (13JAN2014). Here is a list of things we tried.

- Compassionate Reassignment, however the Chaplain says it is only good for medical issues.

- AIP with exception to policy, Branch denied, no reason given.

- DEC Statement, not applicable as according to the regulation it does not work for initial term Soldiers.

- One for One swap, could not find anyone to do this.

- Re-enlistment, Branch over strength for E-4 and below so not allowed to re-enlist..

...The reason we are trying to stay is due to my Spouses current financial obligations for her family, and for her schooling. Also her Mother has been showing signs of increasing health issues.
Is there anything else that would be available for me and my Spouse to get additional time or am I...as the Chaplain said, "...In a sticky situation but suck it up and deal with it..."
Thanks for any help you can give!!!!!!!

(On orders to FT. Bliss and have less than 30 days to PCS date.)
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