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Need some clarification please, I have looked at AR670-1 Chapter 29, but still not clear on the wording. Basically I have 1 permanent MUC, my current unit has a MUC with 4 clusters. Do I need to wear just my MUC, or add my 1 to the unit MUC?
I've also read thru here and came across mixed info about it.

Thanks in advance.
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Must read the entire section on Unit Awards, cause I found this statement:

When a soldier is permanently awarded a unit award and is subsequently assigned to a unit that has received the same unit award, the soldier will wear the
permanent award in lieu of the temporary unit award.

So you do not have to add anything to your unit award, according to the regulation, but I have seen CSM's blast soldier's for not wearing the "correct" amount of clusters on their Unit Awards.

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