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I'm senior Rating a trooper who came to our unit because he was supposed to PCS to Kuwait but injured his back on PCS leave and was reassigned to us.

Soldier also experienced divorce during this time- spouse did not make things easy on him.

He hasn't "worked" more than 3-4 full days since July. He has been ACAPing and is headed to the WTU next week and it is likely he will be chaptered out. Change Of Rater is due now.

He has success bullets down the back, with only one bullet comment "exempt from APFT due to permanent profile, is unable to perform assigned duties and is medically non-deployabl"
o fully capable
3/3 with the usual statements in the senior rater block.

Is it 'proper' or necessary to add in SR comments,
"Demonstrated professionalism despite personal challenges"

Although the trooper has missed a LOT of work, he has done well in not complaining or grumbling in the office- he still is Soldiering.

Thanks all!
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Originally posted by TheWiseChief:
You can use the word resilient. A motivated and resilient professional.

You cannot write bullets that sound discriminatory. e.g For an Asian soldier, he could run real fast.

I do not know if the reviewer or CSM will approve the exempt from APFT bullet.

Just my two cents.

Chief, and all others, FYI:

From DA Pam 623-3, Table 3-4 (p.40)
— For Soldiers with permanent profiles whose profiles prohibit them from taking the APFT, the entry will be left blank and the rater will explain the reason it has been left blank.


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