PFC, earliest I can reenlist!?

I am interested in reenlisting as an 11B, I am currently deployed in Iraq and have been in for 14 months I came in as PFC and my chain of command has put me up for a battle field promotion for SPC (hopefully I get it). My ETS is 29Nov2013 I have been told I could reenlist 2 years before my contract was up? Trackin' that 2 years would be November 2011 is this true? They told the soonest I could reenlist would be October of 2012 that cant be right is it?

I was trying to reenlist for Ft. Lewis, near my home of record and also looking at schools and bonuses of course. What are my options? Anything helps I'm really confused on this situation. Thanks
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they more than likley going to give you the 18 month time in service waiver. its in AR-600-8-19. you only get one waiver for promotion in your military carrier. just something i never did with my PVT's ,i say let them use it for 5-6 promotion since there is no waiver for 6-7 any more! besides whats the rush? its really not a big jump in pay! also the faster you get promoted the longer you get stuck in the next rank!
as far as reenlisting read ar 601-210 if im not mistaken the earliest you can do it is a year before your ets date, unless your active guard reserve and going to the countinuation board then you can reenlist to make up the diffrence, but usually the orders and enlistment contract run out at the same time! i hope the reg's i stated help you out!
as far as reenlisting read ar 601-210

That would be AR 601-280. (210 is for enlistment). It's not a year out or even two years out. For the last few years we've been working on static (fixed date) windows and are again this year. You can possibly reenlist next October at the earliest. Again, we have to wait to see what that window will be.

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