Picking up E-5 after reinstating promo status (not my fault)

I know this is a common topic, especially in this part of the forum, no doubt, but I cannot seem to find a define answer. Mind you, I've looked through AR 600-8-19 THOROUGHLY and I am still struggling.

Long story short. Was promotable since Sept 2014, changed duty stations, took APFT, S1 didnt update the results on time, got taken off promotable list automatically, obviously not my fault. Would like to mention since the time I got my promotable status the points in my MOS were 798 for almost a year. Anyway, had a very hard time finding the board packet but finally did, and finally proved to my new PLTSGT that I did indeed attend/pass the board. <--- This literally JUST happened, in fact, S1 didnt have a chance to reinstate my promotable status yet. The crazy part is that the points come out this month (OCT) and for the first time they are lower than mine. But I am obviously not on the promotable list.

I guess the question is, is there something in the reg that says I can still pick up? My PLTSGT whos a SSG thinks there's nothing I can do but wait but I have 2x SFCs from my old unit that say theres a way. Time difference and the fact that they are busy guys keeps me from bugging them on this subject. I have a feeling that the points will jump back to 798 and Ill be stuck as E-4 for another year or so. I would hate for that to happen, especially since it was not my fault in the first place. And they know that.

Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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As a former NCO (SSG), let me comment.

I would say that if you were tracking a little more when it comes to your APFT deadline and following up with your S1; then these types of things should not happen.

You should have had a copy of your ERB that shows when you were promotable. That would have shown your new PSG that you were promotable without a doubt.

You have to grab and manage your career. Nobody else is going to do that for you. I did that as a joe, NCO and now as a Chief Warrant Officer.

Your SSG should engage your S1 and explain the situation. If possible, I would get some memorandums for record explaining the S1 error.

If not, you may be SOL and hopefully points next month will remain at a level below your current points.

Good luck.
There's actually a MILPER message that addresses this very situation and HRC's guidance is something to the effect of, "It is the Soldier's responsibility to ensure their records are up-to-date. If the Soldier loses their promotability status due to records not being updated, they will have to re-board and will not be retroactively promoted." It is a little harsh in my opinion but I guess it was an answer to the situation happening far too often. Proponents were getting sick of their numbers getting skewed when it came to releasing cutoff scores, I'm assuming.

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