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I'm currently reclassing at Fort Huachuca and when I improcessed, the battalion CSM came to all prior service members and said a few things including "if you want to attend my promotion board, just submit a packet the month prior". So we all said ok great. So I go to my platoon sergeant and say hey I want to go to the promo board in April. He says " oh no you're going to have to do something extrodinary". I said, the CSM said we could go, just submit a promo packet and he says no I'm not sending you. All I do is PT in the morning and go to the school house in the afternoon. The thing I can see being extrodinary in this case is saving someone'e life.

I don't like people taking charge of my career, it really pisses me off. How should I handle this situation? Does the SFC trump the CSM in this case?
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The CSM is telling you all you have to do is submit a packet the momth prior. But you know very well that you have to be recommended to the board. Plus you are there for reclass, and I doubt if he lets you go to the board. You have to be proably the top in the class or something to let you go. Step up and be a leader and show him you deserve to go to the board.
I have a soldier in the same boat right now.. I dont see how you can be a good all around NCO if you are reclassing and trying to make SSG.. as a SSG you HAVE to be the SME... you are going to be new to this job and some SPC out there is going to know more then you about the job... when you are out of the trenches and only have to deal with admin crap then it (should but not in the army for some reason) doesnt matter.. but for know remember you will get there in time but make sure that you are bringing more to the plate then just TIS/TIG.. how many of you have had a SGT that didnt know his ass from a hole in the ground... If I was CoS for the Army i would change it to noone gets promo to the rank of NCO while they are in MOS school house.. but that is just me talking... so to answer your question.. I bet that is what that SFC is thinking as well..while you are in school do the right thing and be a leader, score high on each end of annex test, be a role model for the rest of the class.. when you get to your unit keep it going and you will get there..
As an AIT Instructor teaching reclassing Soldiers, I see a few EXCELLENT NCOs, I see average NCOs, and also those few that shouldn't be wearing Stripes.

Be better than your peers. Volunteer for stuff, be the one on top of everything, step up to the plate. Put your name out there- in a positive way.
(They SHOULD have NCO/ Quarter boards there. Study, win, get some fame. Wink )

Give it a few weeks, talk w/ the PSG and ask him if you're average or above it. If he/she thinks you are above it, ask them about the board again.


If all else fails, take it up your chain of concern. Your 1SG should be able to 'fix' any situation that warrants fixing, if not then take CSM up on their word..

[QUOTE]Originally posted by ASENCO: I dont see how you can be a good all around NCO if you are reclassing and trying to make SSG.

So you're saying that to be a good NCO, it's just about your knowledge on your job? yes, I am new to the MOS, but that doesn't mean I can't be a good NCO because I'm trying to better myself and take on more responsibility by trying to get promoted. Yes, A squared away SPC might teach me a few tricks, but I might teach him a few tricks too. Being a good NCO is not just about knowledge in the MOS, it's every aspect. I know I can handle the role of a SSG and that's why I want to go to the board.
Your right its not just about the knowledge of your job but it is an important part. If you cant answer simple questions about your darn job then you dont need to be a SSG. At this point you should be subject matter expert. By being recently reclassed your not. Get into the job first learn it be able to show your soldiers and then go to the board.
You are in the school house and you just got there . I know where that SFC is coming from, he doesnt know anything about you , he hasnt observed you as a NCO long enough to determine if your ready to be a SSG. If I was him I would not recommend you for the board either.
Miller, question for you.. do you know what BE KNOW and DO means??? How is it that you think you can lead soldiers without knowing you job.. Just cause you can study a few TMs, FMs, and ARs dont make you a NCO.. like what oats said you will lose respect fast from your soldiers if you have no idea what you are doing.. NCOs lead from the front..
I understand where you're coming from, oatsnhoney and ASENCO.

On the other hand, why should the NCO sit around waiting until they're finished with a (possibly LONG because of Huachuca,) re-train to try and get promoted??

When will they be "ready" to be promoted? A year after being in their New MOS? Two Years?

Every Soldier is a SOLDIER first. Every NCO is an NCO, no matter what MOS we should all be able to lead and direct troops. Those skills are only going to get better as the NCO works with Soldiers and NCOs.

A little bit harder to do at TRADOC in Miller SGT type's situation, but do-able.

And Miller SGT type- you're at 10 level training. Make sure you're studying extra beyond what is being taught. Don't get to your next duty assignment and say, "I don't know, I'm new to this MOS."
Instead- say "Let me find out," and make sure you know more than your troops..
Imy opinion if his last unit thought he was ready to be a SSG he would of been promoted way before he reclassed

Second the school house should not promote someone who they are not going to be working directly with during his job

Theny havent seen him take care of soldiers

Lastly he does not know his job

When he gets to his unit, let his direct supervisor observer him for at least three months, which is typically the case, then let them decide because that supervisor can then train/monitor him and will be responsible for sending him to the board
We all know at teh school house they teach the basic alot of waht you need to kow needs to be learned at your unit
If you want to seem ate up to your soldiers thats on you
Originally posted by oatsnhoney:
Imy opinion if his last unit thought he was ready to be a SSG he would of been promoted way before he reclassed

They did want to send me to the board....I declinded because in order to enter the bear program at the time I did.....I could not be anything more than a SGT.....not a SGT(P) or SSG.

AutobahnSHO, I appreciate you giving me advice and telling me what I should do to handle this situation instead of telling me I would be a horrible NCO If I were promoted to SSG.
Wait, Wait
I did not say you would be a horrible NCO, I just telling you where that SFC may be coming from. There is not a NCO that left my secdtion that I did not allow to go to the board. If they were jacked up I told them what was wrong how they needed to fix it. Im not against anyone getting promoted. I know I wouldnt want one of my NCO's not knowing his job at the skill levels hes at. Dont get mad at the advice people are telling you if it doenst fit to what you want to hear.
I TOTALLY see oatsnhoney's point, and it is very valid.

I'm coming from a different angle- when I went to our Bn NCO/Quarter board (HERE at TRADOC,) there were plenty of SPC and SGT going to the promotion board too.

CSM kicked the first SPC out after about 30seconds. He had no composure and was allowed to come back in later. NOT recommended, since he didn't know the NCO creed and still didn't have his composure.

There was an E-5 that attended the same board who I later taught in class. He was mad, said "CSM doesn't know how to conduct a board.." ((He wasn't recommended for promotion, either.))

HOPEFULLY those boards are HARD on attendees, for the reasons that oatsnhoney offered.

In today's army we might be stuck in situations totally outside of our "technical" (MOS) training. I've landed in situations being the boss of people doing jobs I didn't have a clue about.
-So I don't care as much about an NCO knowing the particulars of their job as much as how to be an NCO- train and motivate Soldiers, ask questions; and find problems and figure out how to get the WORKERS to fix those problems. (Because the higher rank the NCO, the more they should rely on the SOLDIERS to do the work. I can't remember EVER seeing a Signal Corps E-7 working on equipment.)

YES it would be ideal for someone to know if they're a competent (and hard!) worker for a few months first.

On the other hand, part of being an NCO is persistece to get the mission done. In this case SGT Miller is on a mission to get promoted- if he succeeds in getting to the board he's overcome obstacles and deserves it... Smiler
Autobahn at my level I have been in scharge of soldiers and ncos out of my mos, true i did not have the answer to all there questions i knew how to find it out

but if there was a question in my mos you better believe i had the answer if not i was able to deliver it within minutes.

if he can do the same then good for him, i wish tfor everyone who deserves to be promoted to get promoted. Im not saying he shouldnt be im just telling you what I think and how i would handle it if he was my soldier. Hes not so its not my problem, it becoomes a problem though when we are not taking care of our soldiers

Trust when I was a private i had a nco who diddnt know nothing about her job. did we talk about her, yes. did we tell oour higher supervisors , yes. did it make her look bad, yes. did it reflect on her ncoer, yes. She was a bad nco who did not know her job. alot of your ncoer is about how well you know your job and how you perform at and how well you can train your soldiers in it.
I'm a relatively new E-5, so please forgive a stupid question. Is promotion to E-6 the same, where if you're in your primary zone and not flagged they either have to send you to the board or have to counsel you about why they're not sending you?
Originally posted by 35P-AD:
I'm a relatively new E-5, so please forgive a stupid question. Is promotion to E-6 the same, where if you're in your primary zone and not flagged they either have to send you to the board or have to counsel you about why they're not sending you?

Yes, your rater should.
as a senior staff sergeant 35F that is about to be an instructor at huachuca, I agree with other posters and probably wouldnt send you to the board for e-6 until youve actually done the job of an intelligence sergeant for awhile. i mean, as an e-6 youre expected to know what youre talking about, and be an expert on any number of sensitve subjects, cultures, histories, techniques and methods, etc. In my experience with re-class NCO's, the schoolhouse doesnt prepare them at all for the jobs they are going into, many e-6's are immediately thrust into battalion S-2 NCOIC positions on their first day. If the private doing security clerances knows more about your job than you do, it doesnt give you much credibility. just my opinion, im sure youre a great nco and all, but i can see where they're coming from.
I concur with numerous other NCOs' here you need to know your MOS before your promotion. Thats why reclassing Soldiers do are not supposed to be promotable. You will have junior Soldiers at your next unit looking up to you for guidance. You need to learn as much as you can in AIT.
Knowledge is everything when it comes to reclassing and going into a whole new element. Imagine if you had a Specialist reclassing from a support/admin job into a combat arms mos and he wanted to go to the promotion board and pick up his chevrons prior to going to his new unit. That soldier would have no experience and would be tasked with leading soldiers into combat. What if he went to a unit deploying right away and had no time to train up. That alone could spell disaster. Its best to learn all you can and spend some time working in your new MOS because no matter how much you learn in AIT it never comes close to what you will learn once you get to your unit and how things really work.
Originally posted by srk4381:
Its best to learn all you can and spend some time working in your new MOS because no matter how much you learn in AIT it never comes close to what you will learn once you get to your unit and how things really work.

I would agree that's probably best in most cases. At the same time, in my job everytime I move I could be in a completely different work environment- with different equipment. Yes experience is IMPORTANT but it doesn't mean Soldiers can't work their butts off and learn the job.

Our CSM does allow reclassing Soldiers to go to the board here, but they'd better be FRAKKIN OUTSTANDING. One board I saw several not get recommended...
Hey Guys,
I have been Convoy Commander in the triangle of death, Platoon Seargent, and a BOLC II instuctor. This week I was given all our so called problem Soldiers for what I thought because I told her I can handle them so send them my way. So this mornign I was out of the loop because I was taping and weighing the over weight personel. I was blind sided on one of wounded warriors on an appt. My Platoon Sergeant explodes cause I drew a blank on his location and puts my Specialist on my right. She brought up things I was talked to about and false allegations. She appoligized but her attitude explosions only go to white males. Thus far I never recieved an initial counseling or anything from her but yet we are all expected to. Any Ideas?

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