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I am a veteran and I have been trying to get my benefits since 2004. I keep getting DENIED.. Even for the POST 911 for school they said my DD Form 214 does not say that I have a medical sicharge. If anyone know what I am suspose to do pls help me. I really luved the ARMY and was hurt when they said I didnt have madical discharge on my DD Form 214. Is it suspose to say medical discharge? If so how do i even get it fixed? Things has been really hard for me and when I had a stable job with the ARMY I had no worries now everywhere I work they get shut down, ropped, close down ect..... I jus nned to know what am I suspose to do because I have given my all to the ARMY when I was in. Now they do not need me just feel like they saying ole well and forget bout me.... Which is not right because i could not skip out of going to Iraq without the MP on me real quick....
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Get with your local VFW or DAV or American Legion. These service organizations are set up to assist you with just the situation you mentioned. You don't have to be a member of any of these organizations, you just have to be a veteran in need of guidance/assistance.

You might also find a veteran's advocate thru your local V.A. clinic or hospital. Check out your phone book. The V.A. is usually listed under Federal or State government.

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Talk with your County VA rep. or state rep they are not the same thing as the big VA hospital...their job is to handle issues just like this. You can find them in your county business directory or call the county court house. I know in Minnesota and North Dakota every county has one, I'm not possitive if it is a national thing.

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