!!!!!please help!!!!!!wiegh and tape soldier issues

if you have a soldier that fails tape and he requests a re tape do you have to give it to him at his request and is their an army reg to back this up.

my soldier failed weight by two percent about 25 days before his next ait the commander wont give him a chance cut his orders flagged him and pulled his promotable status before they even told him he had a high pt score and just wants the opportunity to be tape again by someone else in a week I am just trying to help him out he is a high speed soldier and needs to move on with his carrier please help
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Direct excerpt from AR 600-9 ABCP. This is just the beginning of Chapter 3. If you have Soldiers, you better gain some basic leadership knowledge.

3–7. Actions, counselings, and evaluations for Reserve Component Soldiers not on active duty
The following is required when a Soldier is determined to exceed the body fat standard (see table 3–1):
a. Notification counseling. In accordance with AR 600–8–2, the commander has until the final unit training
assembly of that weekend’s multiple unit training assembly (MUTA) to Flag the Soldier using DA Form 268. Soldiers
will be counseled regarding the initiation of the DA Form 268 prior to the conclusion of the first training period
following the date the flagging action was initiated in accordance with AR 600–8–2. The effective date of the flagging
action is the date the Soldier is found to be noncompliant. During this notification counseling, Soldiers will be advised
(1) Have a DA Form 268 placed on their record to suspend favorable personnel actions. Some of the ramifications
of the flagging action include:
(a) Are nonpromotable (to the extent such nonpromotion is permitted by law).
(b) Will not be assigned to command, command sergeant major, or first sergeant positions.
(c) In accordance with AR 350–1, are not authorized to attend military schools and institutional training courses.
Question...I know of an NCO that has a Soldier that made cut off for E-5. He is on the by name list. Is it legal for the 1SG to have the SM get weight and tape before they pin him? Ive been in a while and I have never heard of a company weighing and taping a SM just because they found out that SM made cut oof. They didn't weigh and tape me nor did they weigh and tape anyone else before they got pinned.
Originally posted by SGT Fuller:
Would it be considered discriminatory if the commander and or first sergeant never weighed or taped anyone else that got picked up...just him?

I would say no, because they commander can direct anyone the presents and overweight appearance to be taped.
Is it discriminatory that your commander feels this soon to be NCO needs to be weighed in??? I feel like you should pass the standards any day of the week, why does it matter the commander wants to weigh you in? If you are unable to pass you do not need to be promoted.
I had a situation like this with a troop in one of my units, the 1sgt tried to give a solider a pt test right before they got pinned, never did this with any other soldiers. IG said that they could not do it because it was only one soldier, if they did it for everyone getting pinned then it would be ok, or gave a pt test to the entire company then it would be ok, but because it was one soldier singled out that they could not do that.

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