please help with our dilema...

been trying to find any info regarding about command sponsorship and process on move when hubby finishes at goodfellow....

any 35p who has family and got orders overseas....we dont know who to ask about our sitauation...

hubby leaves school next year date to new duty station is showing sept2013...from another spouse i have heard that he goes first and apply cs from his unit ..but the question is we live on post ...when or will he clear out at current post...will he have time to come home and see us before he leaves...? also while he is in korea working on cs...will be able to live on post or move outside of post while we wait...? with school starting my oldest ( middle schooler) i do not want my daughter to go through so much hassle...

i also heard we have the option of going woth him on our own expense...the spouse saus that families will receieve housing allowance and privilege to attend school on post while we wait for cs....

really need to make plans and see what our options...who can we get informatiob on our sitauation!!! please any helpful advice to those under bear program can share! thank you!
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I think that four months is enought time for him to stop by home and see you !!!
One thing i would not recommend is to get your family to Korea on unaccompanied tour. If you wouldn't have kids(expecially school age), it wouldn't be any problem (other than paying to get there). Prority for school have the ones that are accompanied, so if they don't have any opens, than you can't put your kids on post school. So you might end up home schooling, or pay for a private english school, and i don't think they have too many over there.
Try the USFK web site, they have more info there about sponsorship, and if i am not mistaken, you might be able to aply there for CS.
thanks cris...right now if korea just seem to be a hassle...i really do not want to make so many changes with oldest...and youngest will be kindergarten by then...we are also planning plan b to see if we can ask for hawaii which was the duty station that his new mos will be needed...that way my hubby can get use to new job and if he does korea again ...we can go without hassle...
thanks again
You also have the option to stay where you are, and let him go for 1 year by himself...this might be the option with less hassle. And if i am not mistaken, you are allowed to live on post (if you already live there), while your husband is on a short tour. This way, your kids don't have to change school, even if you stay behind.
Talk with you husband about this possibility ...also try to see if you can find somone on post to give you more details about what options you have. Try military one stop, or CSC, or reassigment center.

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